March 29, 2023


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Lauren Lapkas as a date from David Spade’s Hell – Variety

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“The Color Missy” is a rom-com, but it’s really a 90’s Jim Carrey movie that integrates with all the slob-gun-on-corporate-retreat comedies that starred everyone from Bill Murray to Adam Sandler to Will Ferrell. Here’s what’s new about it: Hypomanic Jim Carrey’s portrait is of a woman – Missy, played by wild-card comedian Lauren Lapkas, who throws a happy insanity grenade in the middle of every scene in the movie. Lapcas, who looks like the heroine version of Ileana Douglas, was cast in Susan Fisher’s “Orange is the New Black” and “The Big Bang Theory” (she was pretty good at “Zach Gallifianakis’s” Furnace “), and” The In “Rong Miss” she is antiqually wired, rubber-faced, it’s your brain-media satire-rebel ist

In the ridiculous opening scene, he shows up at a Pigtails restaurant in Pippi Longstocking and goes ahead to scare Bejesus out of his blind date, starring Tim, David Spad, who is clearly confused about the movie he’s starring in, the Wimpy Boring Straight Man. “Age doesn’t bother me!” Miss said. “65, what are you? I know it’s a blonde wig, and I don’t care. Kodal actually has a full head of hair, but in “The Color Missy” she wears it in a stylish wavy dress that looks like a wig and is counted as a re-branding. After thirty years of spreading, he is now the light Dufas who has been flawed by others.

The aggressor is Lapcas, who has one attitude after another after his split-second frozen greens and crazy italized line readings, each serving with so much embarrassment that it becomes a form of Toratic sincerity. When Tim orders a soda water his face drowns in horror, he says, “Ugh, What? The first chink in the armor – Mr. Perfect is not so perfect! “A minute later he shouted across the restaurant, “Stop fucking me! I’m with someone! ” Lots of girls have been misbehaved, and actors like Sarah Silverman and Tiffany Hadith know how to pull over-the-top stops, but “The Color Missy” still feels like a showcase for a new style of feminine comedy blitzkrieg.

Even back in the day, though, Jim Carrey went a little too far ahead. As Lapkas intercepts its rolling-dwarf maniac in a rookie format, you’ll all be very aware that a script by Chris Papas and Kevin Burnett is an airless piece of Tyler Spindle-directed “The Color Missy” fluff, it’s a variation ation slab-bon. The main topic since “Animal House”. A handful of corporate archeological features in this executive Netflix edition have been updated in a new era of heartlessness: Team HR’s Drone Paul (Nick Soverson) at HR, who will have full access not only to the team’s email but to his entire personal digital life (and the shocked team otherwise); Team rival for a campaign known as Barracuda (Jackie Sandler); And the new boss, Mr. Winston (Geoff Pearson), who came after the merger and his staff cheered against each other as if they were competing in “Survival: Office War.”

I didn’t even mention deeply satisfying because it’s such an uncontrollable pre-concept! After her catastrophic blind date, Tim accidentally switches luggage at the airport with a stranger named Miss (Molly Sims). They share a soda water at the bar, where they discover they’re soul mates because they’re both reading James Patterson’s new Alex Cross novel and like Phil Collins. And she’s a former beauty queen! But when the team asks him to return to Hawaii from his loan company, the text message invitation is accidentally sent to another miss. Who met him on the plane.

Lauren Lapkas may have deserved her own version of “The Mask” but in Sandler’s Happy Madison production “The Color Missy” she got her own version of “This My Boy” of which is not a terrible thing. Sandler has packaged even worse movies for Netflix, and watching “The Wrong Missy” sits in the back and gives it a go for the movie.

Miss – Wrong Missy is definitely Missy for the team. And he has proved his moxie in ridiculously inappropriate ways: to include him in the bargain-basement version of the Mile-High Club during the flight to Hawaii; Offering catastrophic psychological lessons for his work colleagues (“You’ll lose a leg in a horrific motorcycle accident in 10 years”); Agreeing to convince the boss that Tim is his “nun”; And usually turns yourself into a manasto party animal in outfits that look like birthday wrapping paper. “Ring Missy” is a harmless dumb-mit-smart-face joke that doesn’t necessarily satisfy your appetite for more Netflix throws. But it wants you to see the next work of Lauren Lapkas.

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