September 22, 2021


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Lav Diaz’s ‘When the Waves Are Gone’ raises his production bar

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Postponed by COVID-19, and now part of Locarno’s films after the color contest, Lav Diaz’s “When Are They Done” Filipino Attur will enjoy full-strength international co-production for the first time mark

Involved in that co-production, is currently one of the most profiled filmmakers working in Europe.

The Lacarnano Golden Leopard winner (2014’s “What It Before”) and a Venice Golden Lion (201’s “The Woman Who Left”), Diaz films not only by their extraordinary lengths – but also by 2016’s “A Lullaby to Mourning Mystery” Arrived within six hours – but they also lack resources.

“It turned out that Diaz’s low-budget strategies involved a certain suspension of trust: so, we assume that a powerful dictator thinks only two employees,” critic Jonathan Romney wrote about last year’s “The Hult,” a low-fi Sci-Fi drama set in a 2034 dystopia.

That has the opportunity to change now. Instead of a domestic Filipino co-production, instead of Diaz’s recent regular funding set-up, his new film is structured as a classic four-sided international co-production.

Manila-based studio Epicmedia Productions produces outside the Philippines. The Berlin-based sales company will co-produce its Lyon production activities in France, best known as Films Boutique. European co-producers also accept Snow Globe from Denmark and Rosa Films from Portugal.

Among the four co-producers of Kiro Gera’s directors’ fortnightly hit “Birds of a Passage” were two movies, Boutique Films and Snow Globe, which saw the Colombian director limit himself to a more intimate “snake hug”. -Face with drug-to-face drug-fighting epic, immersive sound design.

When “Waves Waves the Wages” emerged as a co-producer last year, the upscale broadcast network Art Cinema was a production force in France.

Thanks to the participation of Films Boutique as a French producer, the movie also received an incentive from Ox Cinasas du Monde, the first French support for Diaz.

All in all, Jean-Christophe Simon of Film Boutique, one of the film’s producers, said that “when the waves go away” the budget “could be about six or seven times closer to the normal level of profit”.

“The idea is to try to give Lav a chance to continue exploring his movies but to do it on different levels, to give him a little more freedom in terms of budget so that he can challenge his own film for international films,” he added.

What Diaz will do with this kind of relative wealth is another matter

Like many of his films, “When the Waves Go Away” takes off from a literary classic, Alexandre Dumas’s “The Count of Monte Cristo,” but it goes away quite quickly. Two friends are imprisoned in a bank hist Tan Herminigildo prison, the brigade loots them. Returning to the island of Home and becoming its oppressive ruler, Herminigildo is raised 30 years later. But if Dumas wants to expose those who betrayed him, Diaz’s hero wants to take bloody revenge on Brigadier and his entire family.

Seeing the brigadier’s corrupt tyrant transform, it seems that Diaz was once again allowed to paint a burning portrait by incorporating at least contemporary Philippine politics.

Dodge was produced in the Philippines before Covid-19. Famous for his visuals – Chiaroscore lighting, off-kilter framing – Diaz Super 16 is shooting Kodak’s black-and-white stock on

After the shooting in the Philippines was over, Diaz was supposed to move to Portugal to shoot the climax of the movie, attracted by its architectural style.

If necessary the budget will allow Diaz to give more extras and sets. Diaz is shooting this film in film stock for the first time in 20 years. Philippine Stock Lab is located in Japan because Philippine labs no longer work with film stock.

Post-production will be split between France and Portugal.

“A big budget can certainly help secure dramatic dramas in countries where Lav Diaz’s work is probably not as applicable as it deserves,” Simon said.

He added: “But the key to our vision is to allow a filmmaker to pursue his artistic vision if possible through a budget related to film ambitions, especially here with a film inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo. ‘”

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When the waves go away
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