April 2, 2023


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Leaders Guild leaders tell members they’re working day and night

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Leaders of the American Directors Guild have urged their 16,000 members that a special committee headed by Stephen Soderberg is working “day and night” to reopen production as soon as possible.

In a message posted on the DGA website, President Thomas Schlumme and National Executive Director Russell Hollande cautioned about how this would happen: “There is still much to be done, but much has been done and it is important not to get it right.

On April 16, Schlomme and Hollander announced the formation of a committee chaired by Soderbergh, the “contagious” director.

“The committee is working day and night to determine what a safe return to production can and should be,” the duo said. “We are becoming incredibly diligent in our approach, applying the latest science and consulting with top medical experts and risk analysts. As you know from the complexities of production, there are many complex problems involved, not to mention the fluidity of this situation and many unknowns. We are in the thick of it now.

Slyme and Hollander used a quote from the 1954 Best Picture winner, Marlon Brando’s Terry Malay, to his brother in the role of Rod Stizer.

“As Brando said on the waterfront, ‘There’s so much more I thought, Charlie … there’s so much more.’ As things progress we share our work with our sister unions and employers – it reflects the reality of each field to ensure their acceptance feedback.This remains to be done, but there is much more to it, and it is important not to fix it. , ”Said the pair.

Schlammey and Hollander added that the DGA is looking for safer ways to program events online and expand meetings, adding, “And while we can’t personally hold our annual meeting, we’re looking for ways to actually host it.”

“We are delighted to further share our guild’s work for a quick return to members’ pockets when you need it most, ”they said. “You have to remember that our remnants are just firing on all the cylinders to do it. Our foreign customs team is also working round the clock and will start distributing millions of dollars in foreign levies in the next few days. As a reminder, foreign tariffs are collected by foreign countries as part of a fee to compensate partners for the effects of copying, renting, and rebuilding film and television programs. The money was made possible by the DGA’s successful efforts to enable members to negotiate agreements with foreign procurement associations and to challenge the studio’s claims to the money. “

They also noted continued efforts to provide relief from DGA-producer-pension and health plans; Fight for federal and state support for members; And extends member assistance through a new COVID-19 emergency relief fund from the Directors Guild Foundation.

“And most recently, we’ve been working closely to ensure that our members and jurisdiction are protected as soon as some talk / various shows and ads start shooting remotely,” said Slamme and Hollander. “Every day we are working hard not only to protect our future, but also to shape what it should be. We go to sleep with what we wake up. There will be challenges, there will be obstacles. It will not be easy. But we will move forward into the future and we are taking shape together. “

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