September 21, 2021


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‘Legacy’ star Nicholas Brown talks about the future of cousin Greg at the museum

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MB-nominated actor Nicholas Brown, who played favorite character Cousin Greg in HBO’s “Legacy”, is following in Kendall Roy’s footsteps by trying his hand at music.

Brown released a song called “Antibody” earlier this week. Inspired to write the tune during the coronavirus lockdown, he collected the tunes via Instagram and asked the composers to pay homage to the tune that stuck in their heads.

After an overwhelming response, the music, lyrics and video (see it above) came together. Diversity To speak of “Antibody” and whether he sees the future of cousin Greg’s music on the show, which won an Emmy for last year – and was nominated again – for outstanding original title theme music.

Your May Instagram post has over 1.5 million views, are you surprised by the response?

Absolutely! I was staying at my friend’s guest house in LA and I wasn’t posting a lot of things. But I had this idea and thought, ‘Maybe it’s stupid or other people will find it funny and ridiculous a’ Suddenly antibodies are in our vocabulary and it has become part of our conversation. Before, no one really talked about it, when you get the flu, you don’t talk about antibodies.

So, I put it on and people started reacting to it instantly. Within ten minutes someone sent me a version on their keyboard. Others were asking what kind of case I wanted it to be and told me what instruments they could play. Once people started doing it, I saw how it was giving them some fun to work with.

It’s such ear worms and I mean in a good way it makes you laugh. How fast did it come together after your call for submission?

People started installing the version and I saw how it could be a full song. There is so much to talk about this epidemic: what is strange and uncomfortable? If it’s a romantic song, what’s it like dating someone? You want to feel safe and know if they are clean – if they have antibodies in their blood. And once you put blood in a song, it felt like a punk song after that.

Have you always been in Punk and EMO? Who were your growing influence?

I was listening to Blink-182, no doubt, Sum-41 and Papa Roach. I had a dashboard confession and Mars Volta episode. It wasn’t the only genre I chose – I also had this research and B pass. I fell in love with Lauren Hill and so did I. [pet] He has been named.

With the video, you can watch L.A. on an iPhone. Shot it on the river bank. How did they come together?

I knew I needed to make a video as soon as the song came together because it looked good, and had all these ideas of punching a wall, breaking a stick, and being in the middle of a river shooting. I had no record deal or anything, and I had to run it without any money. So I asked Akiva Schaffer (“Hot Rod”) if he wanted to handle it, but he has a family and it was very crazy to go back to Mete. Still, he’s a great source of ideas. I sent him my full call and we cooperated.

I reached out to my friend Hunter and asked him for eight hours to help me film me by the river. It was just an iPhone, a tripod, a hand sanitizer and some eyeliner.

People want more music from you. Would you consider doing an EP or publishing more tracks?

We’re hoping to release a few more versions of this song. I’m not sure if I’m in all of them but I don’t want to hear other bands explain it. Hopefully, we can roll an EP of “antibodies”. I like to make music and want to make more. If it works the way the world works and if I can fit it I’m going to do it.

Did cousin Greg ever do anything musical on the show?

I think it will somehow change Greg, but there is a scene in Karaoke where Greg has a pipe or something. I talked to Nick [Britell, “Succession composer] It’s about “antibodies” and it played for him a month ago. He said, “Babu, it’s crazy.” He had fun talking about music and had great support. He helped me buy a piano earlier this year. There may be some collaboration between him and me but I don’t know if it’s like Cousin Greg.

And the earnings from the single are going to partners in health and copy?

They are both great organizations. As we were leaving the single, I wanted to pick out the charity work I had done with the Covid-19.

Among the partners is Health is a global organization, and the COP works with the Navajo nation, especially in the United States, who are having the most difficult times. Their mortality rate is the highest and they do not have access to healthcare.

A portion of the revenue will go to these companies, including every stream and every drama on YouTube. Put it on the playlist when you go to bed or again and you’re donating money.

I have to ask, do you have antibodies?

I have to admit I don’t have antibodies. I thought I had antibodies because I was sure I was covid after Sundance and I was destroyed by something. But I do not have it.

You got your Emmy nomination this week at the top of the singles dropout. Emmis How was your morning?

It didn’t feel real. I can’t believe it and it took me a whole day to figure it out. I went to the website and saw my name and it was there. I feel honored and excited to be with Matthew and Kieran in this section.

We will have a virtual Emmy this year.

I’m not cheating on this I think it would be fun. It’s like we look back 10 years and say, ‘Remember what’s weird, Virtual Emmy?’ I’m going to wear a tux and I’m going to have my hair cut for the first time.

Do people come to you and say cousin Greg?

People call me Greg on the street and even people I know sometimes mistakenly call me Greg. It’s kind of weird. I don’t know what to do, but come on, do you know my name?

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