March 20, 2023


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‘Legacy,’ ‘Strange Loop’ Drama Desk Awards Big Big – Variety

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“Legacy,” “A Strange Loop” and “Moulin Rouge!” Top of the list of winners for the th 5th Annual Drama Desk Awards is a competition that has seen the field of competitors reduce coronavirus prevalence.

“Legacy” won for the best play and “Strange Loop” got approval for the instrument. Top performing honors for a play went to Liza Cullen-Joyce for “Halfway Beaches Straight to Heaven” and Edmund Donvan for “Greater Clemates”.

Drama Desk recognizes Kudos Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway productions. The qualifying frame for this year’s competition was shortened by the historic historical shutdown of New York theaters in response to the epidemic. The winners were announced on June 13 on a program televised on the NY1 Regional Cable News Channel.

In the music section, Larry Owens of “Strange Loop” is the big name for the actor. Adrian Warren did the same for the actress “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical”. She also won awards for her performances in Louis Smith (“The Legacy”) and Christian Borley (“Horror’s Little Shop”).

Stephen Daldry, the “successor”, went to play the nodes for management, and Stephen Brackett for the “Strange Loop.”

“Moulin Rouge” won many craft and technical awards, including trophies for landscape design, costume design and lighting design.

As everyone said, “Legacy,” “Strange Loop” and “Moulin Rouge” have collected about five awards.

Here is a complete list of nominees and winners for the 65th Annual Drama Desk Awards.

(Winners indicated by ***)

Play outstanding

Cambodian rock band, Lauren Yeh, Signature Theater

Greater Clemates, by Samuel D. Hunter, Lincoln Center Theater
Halfway Beats Go Straight to Heaven, Stephen Adley Girgis, Atlantic Theater Company / Labrith Theater Company
Fourth Turning Heroes, Will Arberry, by Play Rights Horizon
*** Successor, written by Matthew Lopez ***

Outstanding music
Occitan, Signature Theater
Atlantic Theater Company Bees’ Secret Life
> Soft Power, The Public Theater <
*** A Strange Loop, Play Right Horizon / Page 73 Production ***Fefu and his friends, the theater for a new audience
For girls of color who have considered suicide / When the Rainbow Enfeed, Public Theater
Mac Beth, Red Bull Theater / Hunter Theater Project
Nothing about nothing, public theater <
*** A Soldier’s Game, Roundout Theater Company ***

Outstanding Revival of Musical
*** Horror Small Shop ***
Unsinkable Molly Brown, Transport Group
West Side Story

Outstanding actor in a play
Confession of Charles Bush, Lily Dare
*** Edmund Donvan, Greater Climates ***
Raul Esparza, seaman
Francis Xu, Cambodian rock band
Trini Sandoval, 72 miles.
Kyle Solar, Legacy

Outstanding actress in a play
Rose Byrne, Media
*** Liza Cullen-Joyce, Halfway Beaches Go Straight to Heaven ***
Emily Davis, is the room
April Mathis, Tony Stone
Ruth Negga, Hamlet

Outstanding Actor in Musical

David Aaron Damane, Unsinkable Molly Brown

Chris Dewan, smiling

Joshua Henry, The Ringle Man

Francis Xu, Soft Power

*** Larry Ons, a weird loop ***

Outstanding Actress in Musical

Tammy Blanchard, Horror’s small shop

Beth Malone, Unsinkable Molly Brown

Secun Sengloh, Secret Life of Bis

Elizabeth Stanley, Jagged Little Pill

*** Adrian Warren, Tina: The Tina Turner Musical ***

Actor with outstanding features in a play

Victor Almanjar, Halfway Beaches goes straight to heaven

Esteban Andres Cruz, Halfway Beaches goes straight to heaven

David Allan Gear, a soldier’s game

*** Paul Hilton, Legacy ***

Chris Perfetti, Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow

An outstanding actress in a play

Patrice Johnson Chevanes, Ranbayrun and In Old Age

Christina Poe, Halfway Beaches Go straight to heaven

Belenj Rodriguez, Brief Wonders Life of Oscar Wow

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Halfway Beaches goes straight to heaven

*** Lois Smith, Legacy ***

An outstanding featured actor in a musical

George Abud, Emojiland

*** Christian Borley, Horror’s Small Shop ***

J. Armstrong Johnson, Scotland, PA

Conrad Ricamora, Soft Power

Ryan Vasquez, The Rong Man

An outstanding featured actress in a musical

Yesenia Ayla, West Story

Paula Leggett Chase, Unsinkable Molly Brown

Lachanji, the secret life of bees

Alice Alan Louis, Soft Power

*** Lauren Patten, Jagged Little Pill ***

Outstanding director of a play

Jessica is empty, the land of coal

*** Stephen Daldry, Legacy ***

John Ortiz, Halfway Beaches go straight to heaven

Tina Satter, is a room

Erica Schmidt, Mac Beth

Outstanding Director of Musical

*** Stephen Brackett, A Strange Loop ***

Thomas Kyle, The Rong Man

Kathleen Marshall, The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Le Silverman, Soft Power

Annie Tipp, Oket

Outstanding choreography

Camille A. Brown, for girls of color who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enveloped

Anne Teresa de Kiersmaker, West Side Story

Keon Madrid and Marie Madrid, beyond Babel

Kathleen Marshall, The Unsinkable Molly Brown

*** Sonia Tayh, Moulin Rouge! ***

Travis Wall, The Wrong Man

Outstanding music

Ross Golan, The Ring Man

Michael R. Jackson, a strange loop

*** Dave Malay, Octet ***

Joshua Rosenblum, Einstein’s dream

Duncan Sheikh, The Secret Life of Bees

Jinain Tesori, Soft Power

Outstanding lyrics

Susan Burkenhead, The Secret Life of Bees

Adam Gowan, Scotland, PA

*** Michael R. Jackson, A Strange Loop ***

Joan Sidney Ledger and Joshua Rosenblum, Einstein’s dream

Dave Malay, Octet

Mark Saltzman, Romeo and Bernadette

Outstanding Book of a Musical

David Henry Huang, Soft Power

*** Michael R. Jackson, A Strange Loop ***

Dave Malay, Octet

Lynn Notage, The Secret Life of Bees

Mark Saltzman, Romeo and Bernadette

Dick Scanlan, The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Outstanding orchestration

*** Tom Kit, Jagged Little Pill ***

Alex Lacamoyer, The Color Man

Or Matthias and Dave Malay, Octet

Danny Trube, John Clancy, and Larry Hutchman, Soft Power

Jonathan Tanik, West Side Story

Outstanding music on a play

Steve Earl, Coal Country

Panicked rabbits, square go

Jim Harborn, Ferrell

*** Martha Redbone, for girls of color who have considered suicide / When the rainbow is in full swing ***

Adam Siddle, Jane Bruce and Daniel Ocanto, the original sound

Outstanding visual design for a play

Catherine Cornell, Mac Beth

*** Clint Ramos, Grand Horizon ***

Adam Rigg, Fefu and his friends

Paul Steinberg, Day of Judgment

B.T. Whitehill, The Confession of Lily Dare

Outstanding Scenic Design for a Musical

Julian Crouch, small shop in Horror

Anna Luizos, Scotland, PA

*** Derek McLane, Moulin Rouge! ***

Clint Ramos, Soft Power

Amy Rubin and Britney Vosta, Aquette

Design outerwear for a play

Asa Benali, Blaze for Alabama for the sky

Montana Levi Blanco, Fefu and his friends

Tony-Leslie James, for girls of color who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is full

Anthony MacDonald, Judgment Day

*** Recognition of Rachel Townsend and Jessica Jahan, Lily Deer ***

Kaye Weiss, Coriolanus

Exterior clothing design for musical instruments

Vanessa Lake, Emojiland

Jeff Mahshi, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice

Mark Thompson, Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Anita Yavich, Soft Power

*** Katherine Zuber, Moulin Rouge! ***

Outstanding lighting design for a play

The hero of the fourth turning is Isabella Byrd rd

Ona Carly, Dr. Ride’s American Beach House

*** Heather Gilbert, Sound Inside ***

Mimi Jordan Sherin, Judgment Day

Ye Zhao, Greater Climates

Outstanding lighting design for musical

Betsy Adams, The Color Man

Jane Cox, The Secret Life of Bees

Harrick Goldman, Einstein’s dream

Bruno Poet, Tina: Tina Turner Musical

*** Justin Townsend, Moulin Rouge! ***

Outstanding projection design

David Bangla, Einstein’s dream

Julia Frey, Media

*** Luke Hall, West Side Story ***

Lisa Rankel and Possible, Emojiland

Hannah Wasilsky, Fire in the Mirror

Outstanding sound design for a play

*** Paul RDT and Christopher Reid, Legacy ***

The hero of the fourth turning is Justin Ellington

Mikhail Fixel, Dana H.

Palmer Heferan, Fefu and his friends

Lee Kinney and Sanaye Yamada, this is a house

Outstanding sound design for musical instruments

Tom Gibbons, West Side Story

Kai Harda, soft energy

*** Peter Helensky, Moulin Rouge! ***

Hidenori Nakajo, Estate

Nevin Steinberg, The Roar Man

Outstanding wig and hair design

*** Campbell Young Associates, Tina: Tina Turner Musical ***

Cookie Jordan, Fefu and his friends

Nikia Mathis, Stu

Tom Watson, The Great Society

Bobby Zlotnik, Emojiland

Outstanding solo performance

David Kell, we only live for a short time

Kate del Castillo, the way she speaks

*** Laura Lynne, my name is Lucy Burton ***

Jacqueline Novak, get on your knees

Deirdre O’Connell, Dana H.

Unique drama experience

Beyond Babel, the Highway Circus

Returned to Short / Cumberland Theater / 59E59, Turtle

*** Is it a house, courtyard theater ***

Midsummer: A feast, a production of love / food for third rail projects

Outstanding fight choreography

Vicky Manderson, Square Go

*** Thomas Schechl, a soldier’s game ***

Uncledev’s Fight House, Halfway Beaches goes straight to heaven

Outstanding adaptation

*** Christmas Carol, by Jack Thorne ***

Judgment Day, by Christopher Shin

Mozada, by Luis Alfaro

Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow, fer by Haley Fifa

Outstanding doll design

*** Rafael Mishler, Tumacho ***

Rockefeller Productions, Paddington got into a jam

Amanda Villobs, what a house it is

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