October 16, 2021


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Leslie Lincoln Glaters DGA selection is good for women-managers

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Television veteran Leslie Linka Glater has been elected president of the Directors Guild of America. For many years, Glater has provided advice and support for women managers and is a force within the union fighting for members’ rights.

Perhaps his position will give him a bigger platform to push for more equality in the position of male-dominated director in Hollywood. A recent study of “The Celluloid Ceiling” and “Boxed In” by San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film shows just how wide the business gap is: 1 %% director; 31% of the directors who worked on the US show in the streaming service and 19% of the directors who worked on the US show for the Broadcast Network in 2020-21 were women.

“When we watch a movie in theaters or it flows at home, it’s run by a man, the studios provide limited opportunities for women to feature big budgets,” said Dr. Martha Lauzen. , The creator of the report and the executive director of the center. “There’s a lot of work to be done on the sex ratio behind the scenes.”

It’s also surprising that Glater, a three-time DGA winner and TV’s most successful director-producer (“Homeland,” “The Leftvers” and “Mad Men,” among others), is the second woman to lead DGA. He followed Martha Coolidge’s one-term run (2002-03), which is almost two decades ago!

“Now is the time for the DGA to have another president, who will be one [very talented] Woman, “Lausanne tells me.” Let’s hope we don’t spend another 20 years before we see a third. “

In 2017, Glater helped lead an initiative with then-NBC president Jennifer Salke, to hire more female directors for the network. The goal of the program was to give 10 female directors a chance to cast a shadow over Glater in three episodes of an NBC series, which he was leading, with a season promise to manage at least one episode. I had hoped to hear from Glater about the results of that effort and his plans to hire more female directors to the Guild, but he was stuck at a production meeting in Austin, where he met David E. Max

A final note about the skilled women behind the camera: I was shocked to see what New Zealand director Jessica Hobbs said on Sunday night when she hired her Emmy for best directing a series of the last drama in Netflix’s “The Crown” season 4.

“A lot of women haven’t won this award, so I think I’m standing on the shoulders of some really awesome people,” she said, referring to her 77-year-old mother, Eileen O’Sullivan, who is still in charge.

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