March 29, 2023


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LevelK board Canadian family film Adventure in the Land of Hope

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LevelK rides “Adventures in the Land of Asha”, a Canadian family film that marks the debut of Sophie Farkas Bolla.

The film was produced by Hani Oichou (“I’ll End Up in Jail”) and Kim O’Bomsawin (“Je Ma’pele Humain”). It will have its world premiere at the Montreal International Children’s Film Festival and its international premiere at the Buff Film Festival. LevelK is handling the worldwide sales of the movie.

One winter day in 1940, Jules and his family go to live with his uncle, the mayor of a settler village in northern Quebec. He is banned from school because of his rare skin disease. From that moment on, his greatest desire was to heal. When his dog Spark escapes into the wild, Jules has no choice but to find him. On the way, he meets a mysterious young tribal girl named Asha. Together, they venture to the other side of the forest, where nature reveals itself full of life and secrets.

The cast includes Alex Dupras (“Dis-moi pourquoi ces sont si belles”), Gabby Jarden and Kevin Papati.

“When I was little, I spent my summers in the country playing with my sisters in the woods behind our house. Imagination was king and our adventures were limitless,” said Bolla. He said he spent time with his grandfather, a Hungarian political refugee who reinvented himself as a real estate developer. “Back home we will go on a treasure hunt with the subdivision plan we found in his office. But when lots are sold and trees are cut down, I feel helpless to face this reality,” continued Bolla.

“Adventures in the Land of Asha” was written by Sophie Farkas Bolla and Sarah Lalonde (“Amélie et Compagnie”), produced by Hany Ouichou (“I’ll End Up in Jail”) and Kim O’Bomsawin (“Je m’) appellee humain”) with financial support from Terre Inoue, Cope Video Montreal SODEC, Telefilm Canada, Shaw Rocket Fund, Harold Greenberg Fund, provincial and federal tax credits, Maison 4:3 (local distributor), CALQ (Quebec Art) ).

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