October 20, 2021


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Lil Nass X teases collaborations with Teletubbies

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Lil Nass X’s debut album “Montero” – released today – boasts features from Doza Cat to Elton John, but significantly missing from the record are Teletubbies, a supernatural children’s TV character built on many General-Jars.

“Can we get a feature on the next album? Teletubbies asked on Twitter, to which Lil Nass replied, “Okay bet! Me and Tinky on the Winky Hook, in Dipsi and PO and we’ll let La Lao out.

Although the proposal was made in humor, collaborating with colorful, serious-speaking child astronauts will go far beyond the most unreasonable work done by Lil Nass in promoting “Montero”.

Prior to the album’s release, the social media talent posted a series of hyper-real Pregnancy pictures, Leads to a baby shower and ridiculously ridiculous video, which is completed by digging to one side in a dab, where Lil Nass is taken to the hospital room before giving birth to his album.

“It’s already Grammy-nominated,” he said as he stroked the cover of the sealed album.

Lil Nass is certainly no stranger to breaking the internet. From dancing in her devilish lap in the music video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” to the choreography of the naked prison in the “Industry Baby” video, Lil Nass has the ability to create controversy and then effortlessly rise to the top.

Despite her humorous reputation, Lil Nasser’s debut album is nothing short of hilarious. From coping with loneliness (“I’ve spent all the dark months stuck in loneliness, not life”) to engaging in her sexuality (“This homosexual thinking always haunts me, I pray God will take it from me”), Artist Mike Wasse makes a serious debut attempt described as “strikingly personal.” Diversity Revaluation.

Oh, and in the news of other teletubbies, Frank Ocean’s lime green kid could be Dipsy – to Tinky, or anyone running their account.

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