March 29, 2023


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Lil Wayne talks about the life of Young Money Radio, Nicki Minaj, Seaweed

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Lil Wayne’s reputation as one of the best surviving rappers has been credited to Young Money Radio as one of the best commentators on the coronavirus before his career, which aired on April 24 as Apple Music’s weekly show (it will run 12 episodes deeply, airing Friday at 7 p.m.). Wayne Eminem, brought in by Nicki Minaj, T-Pain, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell were guests at the event, which recently marked a major milestone in the 20 million audience in a live presentation.

Initially it was supposed to be a sports podcast which turned out to be a weekly event. In a recent interview with Diversity, Larry Jackson, Global Creative Director at Apple Music, and Wayne’s manager, McMine, highlight the importance and return of the community – two essential elements in Young Money Radio’s mission.

For decades, locals in New Orleans have distributed endless hits and projects, rarely in words of praise. Wayne’s skills as a rapper, lyricist and MC are unmatched when it comes to his rhyme, storytelling, double entender punchline and distinctive voice. Beyond that, the 3-year-old created an empire with the imprint of his Young Money records, which split the careers of Drake, Nicki Minaj, Taiga and many more. (Maine hinted that fans could expect new strength behind Young Money Records, noting that “this is another of the goals with this platform – [to] Premier new artist. “)

In a rare interview, Diversity Chatting with Maomi-based Lil Wayne about bringing Young Money Radio off the ground, how she adapted to life during COVID, and recent efforts toward social justice for black Americans.

Young Money started in Radio Quarantine, what made you think, and how did you get the ball rolling?

The radio station was already an idea before the separation. Our Nick already wanted to do it [via Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio] So we knew this was something I was probably interested in.

What does it mean to be able to have a platform to talk about racism and recent events with George Floyd? Who do you think you have reached?

That means a lot [me] There is such a platform, but the unique truth of it is how meaningful it can be to others. You never know who you’ve reached, so you’ve reached out to the stars and hopefully the one you’ve reached can do the same.

What challenges have you faced in keeping the show together?

Thanks to Mac, Rick, Matt, Manny and the Apple team the real challenge is no longer with putting the show together! They prepare it the same way every week and they walk-through it for me.

We heard they literally go inside your house in Miami and prepare all the equipment. Can you walk us through this process?

They put everything in my studio / skatepark basically in my heavens! They did everything except me, but for me. They set it up and it just breaks it down in the studio and it doesn’t feel more comfortable, which plays a huge role in this case I’ve never done before.

You had some big donations, what does it mean to return within this period?

I thank God for my blessings every day, just being able to give back is a blessing. I also thank and applaud those who are there.

Eminem came, matched and donated another 250 250,000. What was your reaction?

I was not at all surprised to see M’s donation because I have known him forever and this is just part of it. He is a man who lives for the betterment of the people around him and tells the truth about his donations. We are Bros.

Eminem said you guys have to go to the internet to search for your own songs. This is epic. Which songs do you need to look for?

I always have to go to the internet for my lyrics. Always !! You won’t believe for the song. It was all the way from “6 feet 7 feet” to “how to love” !! I’m forgetting

How did your relationship with DJ T Lewis develop over the years? Would you handpick the songs together or did he have more?

DJ Tu Lewis has been around for a while now so he’s starving. Onstage chemistry is always on point and on show, it’s no different. And pick all the songs!

Reaching two million listeners is a big milestone. At this point in your career, do you care about numbers?

Numbers are always important to me because they don’t just lie. I personally thank everyone that there is melody!

Do you think that Huji’s producer Tag Future can talk about that ridiculous story of how he’s screaming at you?

When I first heard the Hendrix drop “Huiji Outta Here” drop, I thought Homi was screaming at me if I didn’t hear a land song. I had to ask myself, “Who the hell do you think you have to scream for this guy and you’re not even in the song ?!” I don’t like Huiji though.

You recently paid tribute to the soul singer Betty Wright who died in May. Did he have a big impact on you? How did you first become a fan?

Mrs. Betty was like a mother. I became a fan as a kid because my mom would hear her f loudk in the bib when she was dressed. The records that Miss BB made so famously can’t wait to speak on the record. Another interesting and consistent fact about these is that he knew every word of the talking part that played his songs! As a child you have to sit there and try to make them act like Mrs. B and talk to you that way. It’s obviously stuck with me. I met her when I moved to Miami, and since then she has been nothing but a mother. Not just me but my friends and my daughter too. He missed me more than the world of others. I want to thank him a lot but I thank him for my musical confidence! I can do anything.

Do you like rolling your own weeds? How much do you smoke in a day?

I’ll roll all my own shit and I don’t count.

You were guests from Kevin Durant to Shaker Nave, weren’t you ready you gave wings?

I don’t always have much time to prepare for the guests on the show but it changes throughout the week. So yes, I guess I gave it wings. But I thank every single one of the guests. Every guest was special, they all meant a lot to me. The whole lot. Simple desire and time is highly respected by me. I will be forever grateful to them.

What is a typical day for you during COVID and separation?

A typical day for me was the same as before the separation: every day full day in productivity I wake up, I say thank you, I think, I eat a lot of steak, I work when I can no longer and I sleep then repeat. I choose products over pride and pray for my victims. Amen.

I ask every Lil Wayne fan this question and are eager to hear your thoughts: What is your favorite Carter?

My favorite Carter album is the next one.

We all know you have a great relationship with Nicki Minaj. Can you bring back one of our wildest memories with Barbie on Young Money Day?

I have lifelong memories with beautiful Barbie! There’s a lot to pull from it but the fun is when we do a video shot for one of his songs and I had to be the guy in bed with him !! Too hard! Jesus, not an N * giga all the dates Aziz in a game. He made it easy though, he’s a doll forever. I truly love him.

How far do you want to take Young Money Radio? Do you enjoy being a radio host?

I like to go YM radio as far as possible because I really don’t expect it to be satisfied for the customer and it’s always first. I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy the whole hosting thing but I’m having an explosion with it. I would like to help my guest get feedback no matter what happens. I know they know it’s all love with me.

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