March 29, 2023


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Linda Leah Rehabs and Phillips L.A. Property – Diversity

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In addition to being a food-centric reality TV maker and producer, Linda Leah is also a skilled real estate investor and emerging flipper in high-end homes. In the summer of 2013, the creator / producer of “Kata”, who is now creating the Kochli Cui cooking contest, “Exhausted”, landed exactly ২ 2 million for the long-awaited home of the late actor Doris Robert in the Hollywood Hills of LA, which he quickly rose to prominence. After listing at 4 4.4 million and slicing the price by $ 400,000, sold at শেষ 3.8 million at the end of 2018 Done. The following year Lea sat in her real estate landmarks but stood in the pavilion in the middle of the mid-century at the end of a touring Cal-de-sack above the Sunset Strip that she had not spent enough 1 4.1 million and, a vast and undoubtedly expensive, সপ্তাহ 9 million at Intel Realty in Sotheby’s this week with John Gallish Smidajena returned to the market with the shame of the cost.

Set behind a pressed gate hanging in a thin spike of steel and set free on more than an acre of land with a view of the glossy, gorge-framed city, the low-slang dwelling strikes a simple, up-to-date balance in the mid-century. The approximately 3,700-square-foot home has polished concrete floors and bright white walls, with amenities. Which connects effortlessly with the outside of the numerous arrows of sliding, including the glass door.

The spacious living room and dining room have a simple fireplace set in a white wash cinder-block wall with a bold cantilever quarter, and two skylights fill the softly renovated kitchen with natural light. Fill in the marble countertops. Comes back in full Uri an emerging field and closely planted around the classic kidney-shaped swimming pool, which kabarayukta pyatioye and spa are surrounded.

Each of the three guest bedrooms benefits from a private and updated bathroom, while the master suite provides a cozy haven with a fireplace and ample lounge area with open city views. The custom-installed walk-in closet is lined with illuminated shelves, and the spa-style bathroom is characterized by a cantilevered double-sink marble vanity, a freestanding egg-shaped soaking tub, and an open shower area only by ceiling from the exposed floor offers glass sheets.

The television cooking competition veteran puts his professional success into a portfolio of properties from coast to coast, with two luxury condos in the same medieval waterfront complex on Bell Island in Miami Beach, one bought in 2012 for just ৪ 450,000 and the other for six. Somewhat more than $ 1.5 million in 201. He owns a two-bedroom macha-style condo in the trendy Soho neighborhood of New York City that he rented for $ 1.16 million in 2007 and has made available several times as rent, most recently in 2018 for ,000 17,000 per month. And, finally, in a lice area of ​​the swinging seaside community of East Hampton, NY, he owns a spectacularly renovated four-bedroom contemporary that he acquired in 2003 for about 700 700,000 and currently rents 15 15,000 a month.

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