March 29, 2023


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Lionsgate Executive Corey Berg Named USC Board of Trustees – Diversity

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In today’s Film News Roundup, Lionsgate executive Corey Berg joins the USC Board of Trustees, Knight Fox Entertainment has unveiled a trilogy and network-based documentary “Why We Get American Americans” a premiere.

New faithful

The University of Southern California has elected Corey Berg, executive vice president and general counsel of the Lionsgate Board of Trustees, as its new member.

Berg, who received two bachelor’s degrees from the USC in 1989, was recently president of the USC Alumni Association Board of Governors.

“Currie Berg is a passionate and inclusive leader whose strategic communication and management skills have made him a valuable addition to our board,” said USC President Carol L. Fault. “She is a first-generation college student and longtime USC supporter who understands the power of education to raise and empower people from all backgrounds.”

Berg, who grew up in Hawaii, said he plans to emphasize diversity and access across the university, adding: “It is really important to be open and inclusive and to ensure our highly qualified students contribute all their opportunities for their experience and knowledge. All our programs. “

Prior to Lionsgate, Berg spent 20 years with Sony Pictures, becoming senior executive vice president and head of global business for Sony Pictures Television.

Project launched

At the big screen. Knight Fox Entertainment is in the process of developing an action-thriller based on the novel by Lawrence Huskins.

The film will be the first of three based on characters created in Huskins’ “Whisper of the Snake” and “What’s Remains: A Short Story Trilogy”. The films depict the rise, fall and release of Detective Catherine O’Rourke and her attempts to crack down on her anti-film organization that has ruthlessly harassed her family’s actions for generations and is reluctant to destroy democracy.

Night Fox was a production company for the 2015 sci-fi drama “For ZT Zakaria” starring “Wildling” starring Margot Robbie, Chris Pine and Chiviel Eziofer, starring Leigh Tyler and Bell Paulie.

Film Exhibition

Lighthouse International Film Festival in New Jersey “Why Are We Americans?” Will host the world premiere of the documentary

The image has been added to the lineup of the event, which recently announced that it has become the first film festival in the world to sink into a full drive-in format in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. The festival will run from June 16 to June 20 at various locations around Long Beach Island.

“Why are we Americans?” Newark-based filmmaker Aina Stafford-Morris was co-directed by Udi Alney. The story focuses on the Baraka family of Newark and their involvement in social activities, poetry, music, art and politics. It includes on-camera interviews with Lorraine Hill and archive footage of the poet Amiri Baraka, his wife Amina and their son Ross, the current mayor of Newark, Ross.

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