October 25, 2021


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List of Basque movies from 2021 San Sebastian

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In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to narrow down the best Basque projects on the horizon, as the region has seen an increase in both the quality and quantity of local production which has made forecasting more difficult than ever.

Down, Diversity We have selected 20 projects from the crowded field which we will track in the coming years.

“Almanac” (Jorge Monio Quintana)

In a Berlinale Talent project, “Almanac” challenges the boundaries of documentary cinema by revisiting the eclipse of July 18, 1860, through pictures and records, assuming the truth of the past in collective memory. Currently in development, the feature is supported by Kalakalab and Kleinen Filmak.

“And so it goes” (Marina Palacio)

The production of this practice will last five years, with the possibility of appearing on the list of Basque projects for a while, somewhere between fiction and reality, a small group of children following their formative years at the Tiara de Campos. Produced by Vitrine Films (“Los Lobos”).

“Black is Beltza II: Ainhoa” (Farmin Muguruza)

This sequel to Muguruza’s 2018 animated feature will follow Menex’s daughter Ainhoa, the protagonist of the previous film, from whom she seems to have tasted her social commitment and adventure. Talka Records and Films produces in partnership with Ambra Projects Cultures and Elkar and in collaboration with Newvozos. SA Film Factory

“Cork” (Mikel Guria)

Currently in post-production, “Cork” launches a couple, who are expecting their first child, to leave the city to run an inherited Cork farm. This is the latest from Mikel Guria, whose short film “Heltezier” has played this year in the Sebastian Jabaltegi-Tabakalera section, the Horizons sidebar in Venice. Produced by Luster Media, Malmo Pictures and Irrigation.

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Laster Media

“Fantasia,” (Aiter Medino, Amaya Medino)

Separated by time and distance, two very close middle-aged children and their recently retired parents were reunited on a family cruise that saw the children return to their childhood dynamic and the parents enjoy their second honeymoon on their golden anniversary. However, the real world continues to revolve and reality awaits families on shore. Doxa Producciones Backs. SA Feelsales

“Five Little Wolves” (Alauda Rouge de Azia)

After her first year as a mother, Ruiz de Ajua writes, “Five Little Wolves” introduced Amaya, a recent mother who grew up overwhelmed with a companion present at a very short time and returned to her family home. When her mother became ill, Amaya was doubled in her care. Produced by Sayaka, Buen Pinta Media and Enkanta Films. SA Latido Films

“Ice from fire” (Ruben Crespo)

This documentary is made by Mirokutana Pedro Cianfuentes, a firefighter who for the first time witnessed several tragedies that formed a complex relationship with life and death and inspired him to become the first mountaineer to cross the Fitz Roy Mountains on the Argentina-Chile border. And confuses the family.

“Hondalia Marine Abyss” (Asian Altuna)

Spanish Academy Goa Award-nominated (“Aupa Atoxbeste!”) And San Sebastian Best Basque Film-winner (“Amama”) director Asiya Altuna records the work of artist Cristina Iglesias as she turned the lighthouse on Santa Clara Island in San Sebastian over 20 months. A spectacular work of art. Top Basque Equipment produces Txintxua Films.

“Just sleep” (Ibn Del Campo)

Currently in development and looking for co-producers, “Just Slip” is the latest from Del Campo, whose 2019 feature “Glittering Misfits” has won a special mention at the San Ebenezer Basque Cinema Awards in San Sebastian. This time he told the fantasy story of a young woman who sells the secrets of sleeping in the midst of an insomnia epidemic. Produced by Limbus Filmak.

“My Way Out” (Izaskun Arandia)

Co-produced by Izer Films and Alternative Content, the documentary reflects on the lives and history of Vicky Lee, owner of the legendary trans club The Way Out in London. Forced to shut down for the first time in 2 years during the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic, Way Out regularly describes how they helped overcome their past trauma and how they were affected. Atera Films distributes in Spain.

“Los Quinquis” (Yao Herrero)

Showcase the talents at the 2020 Berlinale and meet them at the ECAM Incubator in Madrid! The second feature of the San Sebastian 2020 division, Yao Herrero, follows two brothers who try to escape from a group of drug dealers in Madrid. Produced by Limbus Filmak.

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Los Quinquis
Credit: Yao Herero

“Holy Spirit” (Kema Garcia Ibarra)

Jose Manuel, a member of a UFO enthusiastic team, has the fate of humanity in his hands when the team leader dies unexpectedly. The title is produced by Basque label Appellanis y de Sosa and Alicant-based Zybo Films, a big hit in Locarno 2021, with the French film La Fabrica Nectarna and the Turkish indie Teferuat film. SA Heritic

“The Sound of Cracking” (Ander Eriete)

Gastibeltza and Mirokutana, a three-way co-production between Iriarte (“Los Inocentes”) and “The Endless Trench” producer Irrigation, last broke a Basque official report of torture and misconduct in the West between 1960-14, with politicians From examiners, psychologists and lawyers.

“Sultana’s Dream” (Isabel Hargera)

“Sultana’s Dream” introduces Isabel Hargara’s animation feature. Animation / Live-Action Hybrid, inspired by a classic feminist story by Bengali social activist Begum Rokeya, was published in 1905. Diversity Talent Track 2017 and now supported by Sultanafilms, Gatoverde Producciones, Abano Producións Uniko and Fabian & Fred.

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Sultana’s dream
Courtesy: 3D Wire

Tetuán ”(Eratox Fresneda)

Pimpy & Nela Films and Marmoca Films co-produced the third feature documentary, Fresnader, a collage of four stories about how immigrants are affected by the places they go through. Previously exhibited in San Sebastian as a project. Produced by Marmoka Films, Pimpy & Nela Films, Arena Communications and Corpus Films. SA Archie Busters

“20,000 species of bees” (Esti Uresola)

Another ECAM project from the school’s prestigious incubator program, this time produced by Garija Films and Uresola’s own Sirimiri Films. This feature introduces a six-year-old girl named Lucia, who tries to grapple with the fact that she has a penis while struggling with the world. As the summer holidays came to an end, she explored her femininity with other women in her family. Bteam will distribute the pictures in Spain, and discussions are underway with sales agents.

“Los últimos románticos” (David Perez Sañudo)

Announced at this year’s San Sebastian, Perez Saudo (“Anne Missing”), one of Spain’s most exciting up-and-comers, re-discusses this adaptation of the popular Basque novel about a blue-collar worker with co-author Marina Paras Pulido, who wrote her paper. Find the opportunity after the start of the labor dispute. Produces La Claqueta.

“Unicorn War” (Alberto Vazquez)

Following Alberto Vazquez’s feature “Birdboy: The Forgotten Children” and Annecy Crystal-winning short “Homeless Home”, this anticipated animated feature imagines a battle between a unicorn and a teddy bear. Spanish producers Unico and Abano produce from France with Atur de Minute and Schumacher Productions. SA Charader

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Unicorn War
Courtesy Ventana melody / animation!

“A Whale” (Pablo Hernando)

An exciting trend proposition, “A Whale” introduces killer Ingrid, who has a miraculous ability to disappear after finishing a hit, making him the best person for a high-profile deal to land a strong businessman. However, when Ingrid’s energy source is revealed, the predator becomes the predator. Sr. and Sra and Sayaka Productions are producing.

“Winnipeg Seed of Hope” (Elio Quiroga, Bennett Beitia)

An animated retelling of the Odyssey of 2,200 Spanish refugees fleeing from France to Chile in September 1939, fled Spain, where Francisco Franco’s dictatorship was strengthening its grip on the country after three years of devastating civil war. Barcelona’s La Balesta, Chile’s El Atro Films, France’s Marmitafilms and Spain’s Dou Double Productions are all on board.

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Winnipeg Seeds of Hope
Marian Mayer-Beckh

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