September 20, 2021


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List of college admission scandal whistle bluffs $ 13.5 million mansion

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A 1928 French Shito-style estate in one of the main corners of Hancock Park has been made available for 13.5 million. Mori and Gal Tobin, longtime regular homeowners, are not Hollywood celebrities, although there has been a significant connection between the most interesting and widely circulated scandals between them in recent years.

As a wealthy but little-known Los Angeles-based financier, Mori Tobin was involved in a so-called pump-and-dump investment scheme – to get investors to “pump” a stock price and then “dump” it in an inflated amount – leading a six-year trial of federal authorities. , Now in his fifties. Tobin, desperately bargaining for clichs, shook about the existence of a completely unrelated, more sophisticated conspiracy. Millions upon millions of parents were bribing millions of dollars to get their children into fraudulent elite universities. Tobin’s revelation triggered a secret FBI investigation, Operation Code Varsity Blues, which eventually trapped actors such as Felicity Hoffman and Laurie Loflin, and caused embarrassment at top schools such as USC, Stanford and Yale.

Back in Hancock Park, the Tobin family has already evacuated their Lux excavations, with the list stating that “underwear images have been virtually staged.” The interior of the home, which last sold for just ৫ 5 million in 2011, includes well-measured living spaces, including a spacious fireplace with gray-and-white stone floors, fireplace-furnished living room and family home, a library, formal dining room, and a kitchen. -And stainless equipment and a bonus room that could be an office or gym. The main house has 8 bedrooms and 10 baths, suitable for a large family.

Outside, the manicured fields are reminiscent of an English garden, with shady lawns in front and back, long expanses of manicured hedges, a stone fountain, and an elegant rectangular pool in the backyard with a pristine gate on the sidewalk. At the bottom of the apartment is an isolated three-car garage set that is most suitable, like the Chaufur quarters, or perhaps a bus-park owner or estate thinker.

For more than a century, Hancock Park has become the preferred environment for members of the wealthy elite of L.A., although the surrounding uncomfortable racist, WASP-Cable has blossomed into a more diverse community home to the most creative minds of Tinseltown in the past.

Current area residents include Shonda Rhymes, Courtney Kemp, George Takai, Bojoma St. John, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos and wife Nicole Avant, businessman Thomas Swann and her husband Joe Townley, who recently recorded হ 19 million for a Hancock Park estate and স 19 million. , Who recently swelled to one million 16 million estates of his own. Of course, residents are still integrated by at least one thing; They all individually play in large bank accounts.

Josh and Matt Altman of Douglas Elliott contain the list.

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