April 2, 2023


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Live Nation Case Race for Race, Fulllog Stuffer by General Discrimination – Variety

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Candace Newman, a bogus executive against Live Nation Entertainment, has filed a lawsuit alleging that she was retaliated against for allegations of racial and gender discrimination in the workplace, then citing coronavirus-related workers as an excuse.

“This case is at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement – the image centered on systemic racism,” the lawsuit claims at the outset.

Krishna, a lawyer representing Newman in a lawsuit filed in LA County Superior Court on Wednesday, argued that “more than half of Live Nation artists are black,” the organization supports a toxic work environment of harassment, discrimination, and counter-complaints against the workplace, which diversify and Complained about the lack of caste discrimination. “

The lawsuit alleges “wrongful termination in violation of fair employment and housing laws” as one of his claims. But, provided as a response Diversity, Live Nation says it’s unfounded because Newman wasn’t actually fired.

The agency said in a statement that it was “surprised” by Newman’s claim that she was still an employee at Live Nation. “We unfortunately had to apply furloughs across our organizations through concerts at breaks due to the epidemic, which affected our concert department the most, but our leisure workers still value healthcare and other benefits.”

Live Nation responded that the organization “cannot comment on the specifics of litigation during active litigation; however, we want to make clear that any allegations of bias or discrimination in Mrs. Newman’s claim are completely baseless. Live Nation is fully committed to being an anti-apartheid and fair organization.” And we work tirelessly to improve the environment in which employees feel comfortable and empowered.

Newman worked for Live Nation, which included travel, ticketing and corporate sponsorship among other business divisions, starting as an executive assistant for 11 years and eventually stepping down step by step until he was named director, U.S. concert and tour. Took office.

According to court documents, Newman was “investigated and criticized much more harshly than her black and / or male peers. When she finally reached a point where she could no longer tolerate this unfair treatment, Mrs Newman made a formal complaint of discrimination.” And maintained advocacy to protect his rights, alleging that Live Nation withdrew its investigation into a vengeful and hostile act of revenge. She “Created a hostile work environment.” Live Nation has closed its employment behind a “farlu” due to Covid-19. “

The lawsuit alleges that Newman was instrumental in bringing Tony Braxton to the company and booked the tour alongside Santana, Backstreet Boys and David Blaine, “booking venues that in some cases grossed more than ১০ 10 million,” although it is not clear. The metric dependent timespan is based

One of Newman’s controversies is that after he formed the company’s first women’s resource group in 2015, the Amverware Network, which attracted more than 300 Live Nation and Ticketmaster employees as members, was instructed to disband the group. Newman’s lawyers say he was fired by a Caucasian SVP who told him that only VP-level and above employees were allowed to start the resource group, although the characters described in the suite were in a “lack of caste representation” position. “

Newman’s case also points to a 201-performance performance memo published by two of his immediate supervisors, both described as male Caucasians, who evaluated his work performance as a sub-standard and a threat to completion, although he said he had not seen any problems before. The filing holds that the two top stairs started below him and Newman quickly got the track to the top, “the only black man working in the touring department at the moment.”

He later discovered that he was being paid less than other non-black or male employees at the same director level – one-third to 40% lower – although the lawsuit acknowledged after a direct complaint to CEO Michael Rapino that his salary had been increased.

In September 2012, Newman was disciplined by the HR department of Live Nations with a “final written warning” citing two incidents, one in which he said one of his colleagues started complaining about drinking and arguing at a company party, and the other involved a new one. There was another company that had complained about his methods.

Newman filed a complaint in February of this year, the lawsuit says, believing he was at risk of being unfairly shut down. Shortly after the stay order came into effect in March, he was discharged and informed that an investigation had been launched into allegations of creating a hostile work environment for him. The allegations against him continue to be investigated but his own allegations have been dismissed, he said.

On June 16, Newman was informed that he would be effective July 1. Newman is aware of other non-black and / or male employees who have not complained of discrimination, and who have not been epidemic-free and continue to work at Live Nation despite the epidemic, ”the lawsuit says.

Newman’s attorneys, Tony J. Jarmilla and May Mollari, among others, petitioned the court for injunctions against undisclosed compensatory and punitive damages, as well as discriminatory and retaliatory behavior in the organization.

Live Nation announced in May that it would lay off 20 percent of its full-time staff. No further announcements were made about staff reductions.

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