September 23, 2021


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Locarno Film Festival Awards, 2021

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Considering that after the 2020 edition closes, a trembling, roaring, resurgent leopard and the uniquely Tumsent tagline “Cinema is Back” at the 3rd Locarno Film Festival Identity is somewhat ironic that the festival’s top prize should go to a film with erectile dysfunction. .

In other ways, however, Indonesian director Edwin remarkably if titled “Revenge is mine, all others cash” might be the ideal Golden Leopard winner, which is a strange year for the world and a strange year for the Swiss festival, which is in Giona.

As a combination of several distinct popular genres that still exist, as diversity critic Jay Weisberg points out, using masculinity as a metaphor for “a broad critique of the toxic culture that places so much emphasis on heroism,” the film further strains the selection of Nazareth The ambition to move towards rent. Yet as a work of social relevance from an internationally established filmmaker, it is also an endorsement of the award-winning automated Earthhouse tradition for which Locarno is well known so far.

That dual trend is reflected in another decision from a jury of international competition, led by director Eliza Hitman, to select the best director for veteran Heleon Abel Ferrara’s “Zero and Once”. Here, though, despite the presence of star Ethan Hawke and one that could be a simple, science-fiction fix in the near future, elements of the mainstream-friendly genre are a kind of false flag operation, potentially uncertain, thrilling চেষ্টা deliberately trying to obscure the viewer, epidemic-era paranoia And challenging the thesis on pessimism, which, according to Weisberg, is perhaps the most successful in “reproduction.”[ing] A general condition of discomfort and insecurity that plagues most of us during lockdowns.

The Special Jury Prize is going to “a new old game”, an epic of twentieth-century Chinese theater and society from Chinese artist and filmmaker Qi Jionjiang, as usual for the three-hour history Locarno awardees. But it is unfair for a film to be much less stable than its narrative, as well as a surprisingly humorous postmodern drama, in which the beautifully composed, self-consciously dramatic screenplay is portrayed as its fascinating, wonderful aesthetic.

Lazy loaded pictures

‘The odd-job man’
Credit: Distinto Films / L Kinograph

The acting awards are also inevitable: Best Actress Anastasia Krasovskaya absolutely electrifies the Russian film “Gerda” in a tough and physically demanding role, while Mohammed Mellali and Valero Escola are not difficult to enjoy the naughtiness of jointly awarding Best Actor. Maine “brings such an indomitable attraction. It’s probably a little disappointing that Chema Garcia Ibarra’s critically acclaimed and warmly-advised “Espiritu Sagrado” deserves a special mention, but it’s nice to see it recognized, as well as another special mention for the home team’s favorite “Soul of the Beast.” . “From Swiss director Lorenz Merge.

Away from the main competition, in the “Current Movies” category dedicated to emerging filmmakers, the main prize is quietly exploited by Francesco Montagner’s “Brotherhood”, a Czech documentary that made quite a stir on the ground when their brothers imprisoned their father for extremist activities. Receiving the Hleb Papo Emerging Director Award for “Il Legionario” is probably a somewhat safer choice, but here again it may be that the thrilling elements skillfully crafted in this story of a riotous police officer confronting his own family to evict them from their building are new genre-friendly. Appeals are being made under the rule.

The special jury award for the chapter is given to Emily Assell’s “L’Été L’éternité”, where the end of childhood, the summer solstice, is painfully interrupted. And for the first time this year, the sidebar also won two acting awards, Sabrina Sarabi’s “No Once With the Calf” to well-established German actress Saskia Rosendhall, and first-time actor Gia Agumava, Elin Navereni’s “Wet” Bali. Speaking of first-timers, and again in the genre that is reprimanded, the Swatch First Feature Award goes to Charlotte Colbert’s impressive #MeToo horror “She Will” and a special mention for another female director, Araselle Lemos, for her outstanding feature debut. For about faith, mysticism and displacement, “Holy Amy.”

Only two awards have not yet been announced at tonight’s closing ceremony – the Audience Award and Diversity Piazza Grande Award – Appropriate credit should be given to the various juries for avoiding the flaws of a selection that is perhaps slightly less consistent and more credible than proposing a list of these extraordinarily difficult winners overall.

The full list of Locarno Award winners so far:

International competition

Golden Cheetah
“Vengeance is mine, everyone else pays in cash,” (“List of Separate Dendwinners, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas,” Edwin, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany)

Special Jury Prize
“A New Old Game,” (“Xiao Ma Tang Hui,” Kui Jionjiong, Hong Kong, France)

The best direction
Abel Ferrara, (“Zero and Single,” Germany, United Kingdom, United States)

Best Actress
Anastasia Krasovskaya, (“Gerda,” Natalia Kudryashova, Russia)

Best Actor
Mohamed Mellali, Valero Escolar, (“The Odd-Job Men,” (“Sis Dies Corrents”), News Balas, Spain)

Special mention
“Soul of a Beast,” (Lorenz Merz, Switzerland); “Espiritu Sagrado,” (Chema Garcia Ibarra, Spain, France, Turkey)

Current movies

Golden Cheetah
“Brotherhood,” (Francesco Montagner, Czech Republic, Italy)

The best emerging director
Hleb Papou, (“Il Legionario,” Italy, France)

Ciné Plus Special Jury Award
“L’Été L’éternité,” (É Milli Assel, France)

Best Actress
Saskia Rosendahal, (“No One With the Calf,” Sabrina Sarabi, Germany)

Best Actor
Gia Agumava, (“Wet Sand,” Eileen Navariani, Switzerland, Georgia)

The first feature

Swatch First Feature Award
“She will,” (Charlotte Colbert, UK)

Special mention
“Holy Emmy,” (“Agia Emmy,” Araceli Lemos, Greece, France, USA)

The leopard in the short film competition tomorrow

Swiss Life Pardino D’Oro
“Creatures,” (“Creatura,” Maria Sylvia Steve, Argentina, Switzerland)

SRG SSR Pardino d’oro, Best International Short
“Neon Phantom,” (“Fantasma Neon,” Leonardo Martinelli, Brazil)

SRG SSR Silver Pardino, International Competition
“The Demons of Dorothy,” (“Les Demons de Dorothy,” Alexis Langlois, France)

Leopards of Tomorrow, Bonalumi Engineering Best Direction Award
Alien Easter Bots, (“In the stream of words,” Netherlands)

Median Patent Verwaltung AG Award
“Home,” (“Emuhira,” Miriam Uviragie Birara, Rwanda)

Special mention
“For the first time (for all but sunset – violet),” (Nicholas Schmidt, Germany)

Locarno Film Festival short film nominees for the European Film Awards
“In the flow of sound”

National competition

Swiss Life Golden Pardino, Best Swiss Short Film
“Stranger,” (“Chuti,” Nora Langatti, Switzerland

Swiss Life Silver Pardino
“After a Room,” (Naomi Pacific, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland

Swiss Newcomer Award
Flavio Luka Marano, Jumana Isa, (“It must be” (“S Mus”) Switzerland)

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