September 21, 2021


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Lola Karimova of Uzbekistan has listed three Los Angeles homes

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The তিন 3 million Los Angeles investment property has popped up for sale all together, with spectacular views of all L.A. skylines and ic 5.995 to .4 6.495 million price tags. All three are Taimur Tiliyev, a businessman, and his benevolent wife, Lola Karimova-Tiliyeva, the famous comedian and jetsetting little girl of the late Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov through multiple shell companies.

According to public records, in the summer, Tiliyev and Karimova bought three houses in three separate transactions for a total of homes 1 million, although it appears that the couple did not actually occupy any of their space. Instead, the high-rise property – one nurtured in the Bird Streets neighborhood, the others just above Sunset Plaza – has been used occasionally as a high-rent home for almost a few years.

The most expensive property, asking about. 5.5 million, was owned by former NFL star Reggie Bush from 200 N to 2014, when he briefly shared the house with former flame Kim Kardashian West. The notes in the current lists contain no secrets to the celebrity introduction of the property, built in 1953, the heavily modified structure boasting that it was “rebuilt by Reggie Bush and Kim Kay”.

Notable amenities of the three-story contemporary villa include a lift, a movie theater, kitchen with high-stainless equipment and a large swimming pool with inset spa. But the most valuable feature is undoubtedly the 3’0 degree view of the property, which covers the city of Century and the surrounding mountains, including the Pacific Ocean, and the entire L.A. Drinks in the basin.

The second home, listed at about 4 44.4 million and located in the Bird Streets neighborhood, listed “John Lennon and Yoko Ono rumored to be rebuilding.” Offbeat and vaguely in the Moroccan style, this luxurious nest has a porch entrance and stunning hand-carved wooden planks.

There is also a 1,200-bottle wine cellar, a huge great room lined with curved colonnades, and glass-to-ceiling walls overlooking the backyard, covered by an obscure millennium falcon-shaped swimming pool. Other features include a spacious cover patio, Greek-style master bath and city jetliner view.

The third and cheapest piece of the couple’s real estate puzzle, asking just a hair down to a 6 million, the only property that is without celebrity Provenance, is “Don’t judge by the cover of this book,” the list warns, although the gated and rebuilt 1960s expansion Not attractive – though far from sexy to admit – and has plenty of desirable benefits.

In addition to a backyard swimming pool with a clear view of the sea and Century City skyline, the kitchen has transparent stainless equipment, an outdoor BBQ center and a firepit and dual-sided fireplace divided into den and dining room.

While they are out to manage their Hollywood Hills real estate portfolio, Tiliyev and Karimova live in Le Palis, their hometown of Palleri Beverly Hills. Famously bought by the couple in 2013 for about $ 3 million, the 48,000-square-foot giant mansion was built by Mohammed Hadid and includes an indoor swimming pool, a great library with 200 seats, and a screening room. That seat is 40, an underground garage for a dozen automobiles and a massage room.

A few minutes away from the Beverly Hills Mansion The Harmonist, L.A. Karimoar’s exclusive perfume store at Melrose Place. The stylish store delivers high-end perfumes that are “made from a combination of colors and the most valuable natural ingredients in the world,” according to the company’s website, packed in stunning curved bottles and backed by a teaser video starring Karimova.

90210 is as beautiful as home but it is also not the most expensive property in the couple’s portfolio. The family splits their time between Beverly Hills, Paris and Switzerland where they own a pet property on one of the most prestigious streets in the Geneva region.

Tiliab and Karimova’s immense wealth, which was the subject of investigative research in Abu Dhabi and Switzerland, and the search for offshore accounts, originally from Abu Sahih’s previous ownership, was the vast marketplace – Karimov’s iron-fisted rule in Islam – the largest in Uzbekistan. In 2013 and 2014 alone, the couple reportedly made লাভ 127 million in business.

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