March 25, 2023


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London goes online – different Var

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Organizers of Sundance Film Festival: Indie Peak Fiesta in Park City, London, USA Repeat, – A boutique event will be held online on 9th August.

Hosted by Sundance London, Sundance Institute and Picturehouse Cinemas, was scheduled to run May 26-31, but was postponed due to the COVID epidemic.

The festival will now present three feature films from this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, selected by the Sundance Institute programming team along with Picturehouse. A Q&A with the film crew will be made after each U.S. premiere screening.

Directed and produced by Alan Ball (“American Beauty,” “True Blood”), the program will open with “Uncle Frank” and starring Paul Betney. Starring Jeanna Dura’s “Luxor” (“Imperialists Live”) and Andrea Riseborough, the premiere will conclude on August 6 with Jesse Moss and Amanda McBain’s “Boys State” and the winner of the US Grand Jury Prize: Sundance.

Festival Passholders will have access to a short film program that features US premieres of eight short films.

The festival will also host a series of panel discussions, which will be free to watch worldwide.

“Translatelantic: Directors in Conversation” features five UK and US independent filmmakers, Janica Bravo (“Jola”), Panna Fenel (“Promised Young Woman”), Romola Gorai (“Amulet”), Justin Simeone (“Bad Hair”) and Julie Temer (“The Glorious”) is involved in discussing their careers, creative process and films at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

Jeff Ditchman, VP Executive of Neon Acquisition and Production, and Julia Oh, Senior Commissioner of Film 4, will be among the guests “to (again) imagine the future of independent film.” They will “examine the complexities of the landscape of independent filmmaking” and reconstruct “what the future of film may look like and what it should be.”

Tabitha Jackson, director of the Sundance Film Festival, said: “As a proud Brit in my first year as festival director and despite all the challenges of the moment, I am especially happy that we were able to celebrate the Sundance Film Festival. A tough choice. Although we will not be meeting in person, the work force remains undisturbed and we are keen to reach out to the audience in the comfort and safety of their home. “

Claire Beans, joint managing director of Picturehouse Cinemas, added: “We are still surprised to see the best independent film from Utah’s Sundance Film Festival go live to our American audience at this unprecedented time. We look forward to hosting the festival again in the future at Picturehouse Centria.” Join us for some sundance fun (which we can all do) and exciting offers of thrilling and cinematic films, as Q&A and discuss how we can all go through this current situation.

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