March 25, 2023


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“Loop to Lapse” director Mark Romanek talks about his biggest hit – variety

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For those who have followed director Mark Romanek’s career, it’s no surprise that the idea that the pilot episode of his new work, “Loop,” the eight-episode Amazon studio series “To the Loop,” has been captured visually, is bold and sensitive.

Renowned for his work on several melodic and powerful music videos and commercials over the past two decades, Romanek has won multiple Grammy Awards for his clips from Fiona Apple to Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift to Michael Jackson, J-Z stars. Johnny Mitchell, nine-inch nails near Medina. The Cannes Lions Award and many more have found their way to the fancy, emotive spots of Apple, Tiffany, Nike and American Express.

The life of the Romanesque feature film is shorter, but just as powerful, with Robin Williams-starrer “One Hour Photo” and Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Never Let Me Go” both transformative journeys that help prepare viewers for his work in “Loop”.

Inspired by the 2014 book of the same name by Swedish artist Simon Stellenag, who follows the culture for a visual image of an alternative reality, Chicago called “Loop” a “slow-burning ideal for our alternative epidemic,” noted Tribune film critic Michael Phillips. : “Mark Romanek’s pilot speaks of the stillness and accuracy of his previous work He marana, in particular, ‘Do not let me go to the coolest. ‘

One Hour Photo (2002)

Romanek said his “One Hour Photo” was a greenlit, despite being based on the “catchy idea” of his screenplay and being considered the “seemingly odd choice” of comic genius Robin Williams as the film’s boring and annoying character. “Everyone thought it was too bold, but I didn’t like it when I saw him in the PBS adaptation of Saul Bello’s ‘Sip the Day’, so I never thought it was weird. But it’s an idea that worked and I am very proud of that character and Robin’s performance.

Damage (Music Video, 2003)

When Romanek described his video for Trent Rezoner’s song Johnny Cash recording “Heart” which “how a music can affect video content”, the art scratched the surface of the work’s impact in detail. In Romanek’s view, Rick Rubin, the producer of that landmark recording, “provided that opportunity to capture the truth of Johnny. He trusted me to travel this very clearly.” [path], Know it doesn’t work. It is a highly probable hit record and impossible to make a hit video that did not spread.

Never let me go (2010)

“One Hour Photo,” said Romanek, one of my favorite novels, was released after working on more than মিল 100 million in a home video. My job is with Peter Rice, who did Greenlight in One Hour Photo. ’When their director was free, he introduced me to Alex Garland, Alan Reich and Andrew MacDonald. I read the book and read it again so I had a very deep knowledge about the book. And my interests hesitated with three smart boys whose sole purpose was to make the best film possible. “

Romanek locked Rice to Kerry Mulligan for the lead role of Cathy. “We didn’t find Kathy and we got a text from Peter who was in Sundance and he was watching ‘A Lesson’. The movie is not over yet. We sent prints from Sundance to England and that was it.

Voices (Nike Commercial, 2012)

Including dozens of award-winning and landmark ads in his biography, it says a lot that Romanek Nike’s “Voices” “considers the ad I am most proud of.” The headline IX in 19192 describes a romantic spot celebrating the passage of the law banning discrimination in education “Interviews with incredible female athletes, where we talk to them about their experiences with discrimination, how hard it was for them to play sports, but you hear from young girls The words are coming out. ”Ready to move.

“Loop” (pilot episode of “Stories from the Loop”) (2020)

Romanak’s involvement in “The Tops of the Loop” as a pilot director and executive producer began when he received a call from “Matt Reeves that ‘I have a great script by Nathaniel Halpern based on science-fiction images.’ “Romanek says he was familiar with Stalenhaug’s paintings, and became more attracted when he began examining the names of Nathaniel Bergman, Tarkovsky and Kielowski.”

“It’s very difficult to find this kind of story on the big screen today. My goal is to be a great visual storyteller, and one of the great visual storytelling features is modifying the visual palette. In ‘Loop’ the story stretches long while being told in the film, and there is almost no violence and today it is a very rare quality.

In addition to the show’s visual panacea, Romanek describes the program’s dramatic grounding as “a kind of Sherwood Anderson working-class world. We’re not fatiguing the period. Playing with time and space.It is an unusual wood Amo, however, in a ‘Weinsberg, Ohio’ way.

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