February 5, 2023


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Los Cabos Festival: Eliza Hitman, Bruno Santamaria Rajo Scoop Award

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Eliza Hitman’s “Sometimes Rare Sometimes Sometimes” won the Mexico Los Cabos Film Festival Top Prize, a Silver Beer in Berlin and a brace of trophies at this year’s USS Dramatic Special Jury Awards in Sundance.

Entering the 2021 Oscar race, the teen drama “Sometimes Rare, Sometimes Always” was variously acclaimed as “Silent Destructive Gem,” with two parts, and an important step from Hitman’s pre-youth crisis, “Beach Rat” and “It feels like love” works.

Mexican writer-director Bruno Santamaria Rajo’s “Things We Die Not Do” won the Cincollar-Shalali award in Los Cabos. The second doc feature of Bruno Santamaria Rajo, whose debut “Margarita” won a mezzanine award at the Guadalajara festival in 2011, “Things We Don’t Dare,” sits at the border between documentary and fiction, telling the story of a gay teenager with homophobia and Life in a Mexican village damaged by murder; Which made her parents decide to be more courageous and influential.

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Things we don’t dare do
Courtesy of Los Cabos

The film Santamaria has won the best documentary so far among other Kudos at the Chicago Festival and the Chile Vina Del Mar Festival.

A US-Mexico-Azerbaijani co-production, “In Between Dyeing” directed by Hilal Baydarov has won an Art Kingdom Award. Produced by Baidarev and Elshan Abbasov, co-produced by renowned Mexican director Carlos Regadas, executive produced by “Dyeing” Danny Glover. The epitome of a dream in Venice, it charts the journey of the serial killer’s existence through the Azerbaijani landscape.

Javier J. Velasco, based in New York, has won the Best Man City Express and Rentals Award for his debut as a feature in “The Eye of Deeds,” a man who shakes up a manuscript depicting his own past life events for his mystery thriller.

Other art awards went to M Sebastian Molina’s Carlos Lenin’s “Dios wa la Cumbia del Wablo” and “Las Hostilidades”. “Diablo” tracks an accordionist who sells his life to a hitman devil who loves Cumbia. The dock feature “Hostilidades” depicts a family living in a small village considered one of the most dangerous places in Mexico.

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In Between Dyeing
Courtesy of Los Cabos

2020 LOS CABS INTL. Film Festival Previewers

Los Cabos competition
“Sometimes Rare,” (Eliza Hitman, USA)

Title-Shalal á Award
“Things we dare not do,” (Bruno Santamaria Rajo, Mexico)

Art Kingdom Award
“In the midst of death,” (Hilal Baydarov, Mexico, USA)

Gabriel Figuero Film Fund Award


CTT Express and Rental Rewards
“Look at the days,” (Xavier J. Velasco

Piano awards
“Dios y la Cumbia del Diablo,” (Carlos Lenin)

Chemistry Prize
“Oasis,” (Farid Schroeder)

Chemistry Prize
“Dios y la Cumbia del Diablo”

Gabriel Figuero Film Fund – Work in progress

Singer Singer Mexico-Shalala Award
“Las Hostilidades,” (M. Sebastian Molina)

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