September 22, 2021


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Ludacris Unveils Soundtrack for Netflix Kids Series ‘World of Action’

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Ludacris, the official partner of the Grammy-winning rapper’s animated children’s series, will release the soundtrack to the Netflix series “World of Action.” Produced by Action, World Entertainment and 9 Story Media Group. The show, starring Tiffany Hadish, Daniel Brooks, Jordan Fisher, Don Lewis, Dascha Polanco and Chris Bridge, debuted on Netflix on October 15 and the album came out on Universal on the same day.

Ludacris star and since The80s / Motown recording artist Asiahan (action) shared the music video for the theme song “Welcome to Commerce World” served via Netflix Future.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Universal Music Group to bring music to the audience from the world of action,” said Cruz Bridges aka Ludacris. “UMG has been my partner on all of my albums since day one and it is very fitting for me that they are with me as I unveil music from my new animated Netflix series, which has been working hard for more than a decade and inspired by my adults. As a daughter father of four daughters, I am very proud of the music on this show that inspires creative confidence in the kids and encourages them to embrace the whole true spirit. When creating music for the world of action, our creativity was limitless – we experimented with country, reggae, reggaeton, pop, jazz, R&B, hip hop, classical and much more. The series serves sophisticated bits, catchy rhymes and directly interesting choruses while addressing important topics and themes in each episode. The music of the world of action isn’t just for kids – I know whole families will sing and scatter. The ‘world of action’ brings people together, tells great stories and provides a word for all ages.

The album features original music performed on shows by Asiahan and Chris Bridge – in the role of “Dad”. These include the contributions of Customer Ramon Hamilton (Crash), Aria Capria (Switch), Kaila Mulladi (Switch – Beatboxing) and Camden Koli (Key).

The show says “the story of a girl who finds her voice and uses it to change the world.”

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