April 2, 2023


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Lynn Shelton, director of ‘Humpday’ and ‘Small Fire Everywhere’, dies – variety

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London Shelton, an indie filmmaker who jumped into works like “Humpday” and “Your Sisters” to help popularize the house, died of a leukemia on Friday. He is 54.

Shelton was best known for his usual, unobtrusive approach to comedy and drama in the low-budget films that hit the Sundance crowd, but he reached out to a wider audience with his work on television, “The Mindy Project”, “Mad’s Helming Episodes, Television Men,” Glow, “and” Refresh the Boat. “Recently, Celtic directed four episodes of the Hulu series” Little Faya Ross Averyories ”, an adaptation of Nel’s 2017 Best Saleswoman in Celeste starring Riley Witherspoon and Kerry Washington.

Shelton began his career as an editor, later making experimental short films. She made her feature debut as a director with 200’s “We Go Way Back”, the story of a 23-year-old actress who is overwhelmed by her thirteen-year-old self-confidence. It won awards at Slamdance, but it was not widely seen until the year after Shelton was further established.

It was “Humpday”, the provocative basis against two straight men who decide to write an amateur gay porn that put Shelton on the map. When the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009, the film had a bad breakup, winning the “Special Jury Prize for Freedom of Spirit” and the distribution contract of Magnolia Pictures. Winning critics embraced the film, and Roger Ebert wrote, And also thought-conscious.

Hollywood called, but Shelton made the movie clear for the most part, even though Kirkier had reached a stage when it came to directing “Black Widow”, preferring free-wheeled rent.

“It’s very easy to get creative freedom when you make a very small amount of movies,” Shelton said Diversity In a 2014 interview. “The more money involved, the more complicated it becomes because there are people involved who want to make sure they’re not throwing their cash down a big hole.”

The rise of his indomitable style came at a time when other filmmakers, such as Joe Swanberg and Dupless Brothers, were renting the same, and the DIY style helped shape the size of indie movies. Shelton’s other works include “Your Sister’s Sister,” a play about a bereaved man, his best friend and an unusual love triangle between his lesbian sister and “Sword of Faith,” a joke about two sisters working to sell family inheritance. Shelton wrote the screenplays for all of his films, with the exception of “Leggy,” an arrested development comedy starring Keira Knightley and Sam Rockwell.

Shelton was born in Oberlin, Ohio, and grew up in Seattle. He studied at Oberlin College in Ohio and then at the University of Washington School of Drama before moving to New York for admission to the Masters of Fine Arts program in photography and related media at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

Shelton was married to actor Kevin Seal from 2011 to 2019. The couple had a son, Milo. Shelton was in a relationship with comedian Mark Maron.

Shelton is also survived by his parents Wendy and Alan Rodel and David “Mac” Shelton and Freuk Rynd. He is also survived by his brother David Shelton, Robert Reind and sister Tania Reind.

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