March 29, 2023


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Lynn Shelton’s DP Benjamin Casul remembers their collaboration – variety

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In the first decade of Lynn Shelton’s career, it was almost impossible to find her on any set without photographer Benjamin Casul. Shelton, writer-director is known for his famous work in Indy Film World, among others, including “With Your Sister’s Sister”, “Legacy,” “Humpday,” and his recent successes have led top-level television shows such as “Little Fires Everybody” and formerly Unknown Leukemia. Died Friday from “Glow”.

Casulke, who met him 20 years ago at the Scrapie Seattle filmmaking scene, shot all his feature films from 200 Lag to 2014, the first from “Way to Go Back,” to “Leggie.” “Everything else [we did on set] The actors and actresses were at ease in the hope of getting the scene right, ”he told Casul, referring to what he thought was an incident with the actress who was ending up with Shelton last Wednesday.

“If people watch his movies, they embrace and improve on how messy it is to be a human being because people are really weak and awkward and evolving on their terms and not having it,” Casulke says.

Casulke believes it is Shelton’s castle দক্ষ his ability to create a comfortable environment so that everyone wants to give them all, regardless of the situation. He worked hard to build a family of filmmakers in Seattle too early, telling Casulk that a lot of people had moved there, but there were very few people left.

Although Shelton was born in Ohio, he landed in the Pacific Northwest at a very young age. Kasulki, who has been at the Zoom conference since Shelton’s death, along with dozens of other members of this temporary family, said, “He worked hard to build a great family to work and live in the neighborhood.” “He considers everyone inclusive and valuable; He raised the bar so high on how to collaborate on making movies. “

In 2005, Casulke said that the relationship between Lynn Ramsey and Ellen Kuras and the music of Lou Reid, David Bowie and Elvis Costello had become strained.

This bond was revealed during the celebration and release at the same time that the opportunity of their dreams – their first feature film – was happening later than they had hoped in their lives.

Casulke was 27 years old and Shelton was 39, but the intelligence that comes with age allows him to sympathize with her despite the obvious obstacles he faced.

“There was a lot, but one of my favorite things about Lynn was that she was really a very simple smile,” said Kasulk, who recently premiered her self-directed debut with “Banana Split” – a work she learned from Shelton that she did very well. Learned. “Anyone will tell you this, but you can make him very happy for a long time with minimal effort. It was satisfying.”

Although the pair’s careers over the past six years have seen parallels in terms of opportunity and success, Casulke said it was only because of time and timing that they didn’t collaborate again.

Recently, they talked very briefly about the project they were in at an early stage with his partner, comedian and actor Mark Maron. “I’ve been working with him all my life,” Casulke said. “I’m sorry we can’t do another one, but I’m glad I was in the right place in the universe and he was in the right place and we were able to make this thing together and that was a time when people took the kind of movies he made. . “

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