September 22, 2021


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Machine gun Kelly on the red carpet at VMAs, Connor McGregor Fight

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According to multiple reports on social media, machine gun Kelly and UFC champion Connor McGregor got into an altercation just before the MTV Video Music Awards broadcast at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Photos taken online show the two men getting separated, after McGregor’s drink was thrown at Kelly. Kelly, dressed in a red shiny suit, protected girlfriend Megan Fox from harm after security guards dragged McGregor.

Shortly afterwards, MGK, who was nominated for a BlackBear-featured “My Former Best Friend” hit, stopped. DiversityThe red carpet spot where he was asked what happened, but refused to answer (see video below).

TMZ reported that the clash occurred after Kelly rejected a photo with an Irish UFC fighter. Sources said McGregor stumbled, spilled his drink and then threw the rest at Kelly.

Shortly afterwards, Kelly and Fox – dressed in a Mughal dress – walked the carpet, posing for photographers. Before the ceremony, Kelly shared a picture of the couple dolled up in the evening with the sweet caption: “I found a mermaid.”

McGregor, wearing a pink sports jacket, black fur shirt and black pants, walked with his girlfriend De Devlin shortly afterwards.

McGregor, a year old, is recovering from a broken leg after a recent fight in the ring and was walking the carpet with a cane. He was at VMA to present Justin Bieber with the Artist of the Year award.

A spokesman for McGregor denied there had been a fight, telling Page Six, “Connor only fights fighters.”

Kelly is set to perform her new song “Papercuts” with Travis Barker on the award show. She won the Best Alternative video for “Bloody Valentine” last year.

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