October 23, 2021


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Madonna gives Harlem basement performances, street parades

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On Friday night in New York City, Madonna joined John Batiste, her band and a small group of fans, performing in an intimate cabaret in the basement of Marcus Samuelson’s restaurant Red Roster, before entering. The parade is set to “like a prayer” on the streets of Harlem at 2 p.m.

The New Orleans-Street party was played at the midnight cabaret during the Friday release of a documentary concert film “Madame X” of Madonna’s 2019 tour, released by Paramount Plus.

“Obviously, Madame X was born,” Madonna told the basement crowd, dressed in black cocktail dresses, lace gloves and long blonde wigs. “He was always here. He was always by your side, encouraged you, pushed you, inspired you, I hope. ”

Taking the stage at the dinner club in the dim light shortly after 1:40 p.m., Madonna, who climbed above the batist’s piano like Marilyn Monroe and crushed the wall and down the basement column, sang the lounge presentation of “Dark Ballet”, “La Isla Bonita” and Portuguese “Saudade”

“Do you think something is missing from your life?” He asked the crowd, gently batting into the microphone while the batsman played under him. “So, what is our job? What is our destiny? Go out and find out, ”he said. “I was talking to John on the way here, and we said to each other: The big question here is: how bad do you want it?”

The evening was almost impossibly close, attended by about 100-200 friends, family and fans, who were immersed in the stylish banquet of the club waiting for his arrival.

During the performance, after falling to her knees during a thought-provoking adaptation “like prayer,” Madonna grabbed a nearby megaphone, motioned for the musicians to pick up their instruments, and told the crowd to take to the streets. Blindly compelled, the partygoers climbed the basement stairs – the perfect thrill of Batista’s band’s rhythm and unpredictability – and were filed on 126th Street.

With tambourines in hand, Madonna led Batiste and a modest group of party participants joined together as they sang a “prayer-like” song in the night sky through the streets of Harlem early in the morning.

Traveling a few blocks down the street, the congregation ended up outside a nearby church, where Madonna, made by the religious door behind her, offered a prayer. “The Lord is with us all,” he said. “Sometimes you just have to say a prayer.”

On the Red Roster, where most of the partygoers returned after Madonna’s street speech, the room was notched up until dawn, with the open vodka bar flowing down the floor, suffering. Nearby, joined by strange icons like Aquarius, The Queen of Pop drowned in that same stylish banquet and saw from a distance that the room was dancing, high and far away.

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