September 22, 2021


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Madonna MTV VMS Presence: The Queen of Pop herself and MTV Hales

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“And they said we wouldn’t last, but we’re still here, Motherfuckers!”

With these words, Madonna opened the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, celebrating the network’s four-decade-long anniversary with her 40-year career as queen of pop.

Pop Legend 1 shook his head for his own arrival in New York City as a New Year. “I told the taxi driver to get me in the middle of everything,” Madonna said in a voice over while driving a cab in Times Square. “I came to New York City for ৫ 355 and without a pair of dance shoes. I was 19 and terrified. ”

Celebrating MTV’s birth, Madonna continued: “Forty years ago, another underdog came to New York City hoping for some revolutionary creation, and at midnight all the music channels premiered and called themselves MTV. We have found each other and since then my life has changed, music has changed and a new art form has been created. That’s why there’s only one place to stay tonight. ”

Madonna, dressed in a classic barberry trench coat and luboutin, occupied Times Square with dozens of LED billboards, playing her favorite music videos, including “Like a Prayer” and “Enjoy” in honor of her own success and MTV. , Which helped pave the way for her to become the best-selling female artist of all time.

For her stage appearance, Madonna wore an Atsuko Kudo crop jacket, latex bra and latex corset; A Moschino leather apron; Christian louboutin pump; Lovely Stockholm leather gloves and blue lane rings.

Madonna has also unveiled a trailer for her upcoming concert film “Madame X”, which will air on Paramount Plus in October shortly after her appearance.

One of the most adorned VMA stars, bringing home 20 awards throughout her career, Madonna is known for her iconic performances, including her first VMA performance where she sang her Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Like a Virgin”, in a white wedding dress. Madonna was nominated for Best New Artist Video (Borderline) at the first annual MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Other iconic performances include the 1990s VMA where the star served “Vogue”, where he brought black and Latin ballroom culture and vogue into mainstream pop culture. At the 1991 Oscars, Madonna starred “sooner or later”, where she took inspiration from Marilyn Monroe – with her date, the late Michael Jackson in the audience. In 2003, Madonna again stunned the audience when she kissed both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera – who sang “Like a Virgin” with her on stage.

Watch the trailer for “Madame X” below.

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