March 20, 2023


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Madrid Content City launches five more stages, Film-TV Campus – Variety

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Raquel Bardons, president of the Sequoia Group, and politicians from the Madrid region laid a symbolic stone for the second and third phases of construction in Madrid Content City on Tuesday morning. MCC Open is one of the most ambitious studio, education and leisure centers in Open Europe, built around Sequoia Studios just north of Madrid, where Netflix already has its first European production HQ.

The second phase of the MCC will add 398,265 square feet and five new phases in the five phases of Phase 1, which are now occupied by all Netflix. The third phase involves the construction of the Madrid Content Campus, the largest film-TV university in Spain, launched with Planeta Group, Spain’s largest film-TV university, one of the largest publishing houses in the Spanish-speaking world.

The second phase of the second phase of the MCC is scheduled to end in June 2021, the second half of the third phase will be finalized in 2021, the campus will add 699,654 square feet to the Madrid Content City and will be completed.

Speaking at a top public meeting of the Spanish TV and film industry and the national press after the Spanish COVID-19 lockdown in March, Bardons noted that construction of the second phase is fast approaching the beginning of a new and widely improved shoot. Spain’s big tax gap.

Approved by the Spanish central government on May 5, the new measures increase tax exemptions for international nationalization and tax credits for the production of Spanish nationalities and for Spain’s first ড 1 million (১ 1.1 million) spending by 30%, resulting in a total tax exemption on tariffs. € 10.0 million (10. 10.8 million), up from 3 3 million (3.3 million). According to Bardons, the new tax incentives will double the number of international shoots in Spain.

In the Canary Islands of Spain, tax breaks are 2o percentage points higher, reaching an extraordinary 50% which is the highest discount rate in the world.

The foundation stones were laid by Comunidad de Madrid and Marta Rivera de la Cruz, vice-presidents of the Madrid region, and Manuel Gimenez Racero, councilor of the Council for Culture, Tourism and Tourism for Dynamics, on Tuesday morning. And for infrastructure, and for the economy, employment and competition.

Bardons added that he was in talks with international and national organizations to have a place in the MCC, either setting up offices, shooting in studios or “setting up their logistics centers in Europe” in the complex.

It is a symbol of politically highly polarized Spain, not just Spain’s central socialist PSOE government but its main opposition party, the right-wing Popular Party, which rules Madrid – a rare case of consensus.

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