October 25, 2021


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Maggie Gillenhall premieres ‘The Lost Daughter’ at New York Film Fest

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Homecoming was the premiere of “The Lost Daughter” at the New York Film Festival Maggie Gilenhal, Thanks to the experienced actor and now first-time director for his new psychological drama.

“My grandparents came to New York as immigrants. My grandparents were born in the Bronx. My mother grew up and was born in Brooklyn. My parents met here. My dad was telling me the other day that he and my mom would come here to date at the New York Film Festival and watch the film here. And I was born here in New York, ”Gilenhall told Alice Tally Hall, a packer at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan. “I don’t know how many movies I’ve seen at the Lincoln Center and even at this theater, and I’ve never had a movie at the festival.”

Wednesday night’s premiere of “The Lost Daughter” after premiering at Venice, Telluride and other film festivals was the third time Gileenhall had seen his film with his audience. But this crowd in New York was special.

“Because it’s my birthplace and since it’s my home team, this will be the first time I’ve imagined what I’m imagining. I’m watching the film with my very best friend, my co-worker, my husband, my brother. My own mother,” said Gilenhal.

“The Lost Daughter” stars based on Elena Ferrant’s novel of the same name Olivia Coleman As a mother of two who fell in love with a co-mother (played) Dakota Johnson) And has flashbacks to his short days of struggling to balance his life as a teacher and parent. Gilenhall also wrote and created adaptations.

“Being a woman is sometimes messy and sometimes ugly and that’s okay. Being a mother is complicated … and everyone is trying their best. It’s important that we focus on how complex it is to be a woman and that it’s really okay and allow people to express their full potential, “Johnson said. Diversity On the red carpet.

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Writer-director Maggie Gillenhall, left, and brother Jake Gillenhall pose together at a special screening of “The Lost Daughter” at the Alice Tully Hall during the 2nd New York Film Festival on Wednesday, September 2, 2021. / Ap)
Evan Augustini / Invasion / AP

Cast included Jesse Buckley, Paul Mescal, Ed Harris, Dagmara Dominic And Peter Sarasgard, Husband of Gilenhal. Jake Gyllenhaal Her sister and her management attended the premiere.

“Maggie was always amazing at expressing herself,” Sarsgaard said. Diversity. “It doesn’t surprise me that he wrote a great script. But it amazed me how little was talked about and how much was visible in the movie. The visual language he had, I had no idea it was under the belt at all. ”

“The Lost Daughter” marks a historic milestone for Mescal, who came out of the Hulu series “Normal People” and received an Emmy nomination last year. Miskal’s feature film debut, directed by Gilenhall, is the debut of the mescal, and the Irish actor came to New York for the first time to promote the film.

“It never occurred to me that this was his first film,” Mescal said Diversity. “I think that’s what the picture shows. It’s incredibly reassuring, and it depends on her appearance and her personality. He made us incredibly confident. He challenged us in his choices because he is also an actor. It’s a nice mix of all the work. ”

“The Lost Daughter” was released in theaters on December 17, followed by streaming on Netflix on December 31.

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