October 25, 2021


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Manuel Abramovich’s ‘Pornomalancholia’ Scooped by Luxbox

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Paris-based sales company and production company Luxbox has acquired the rights to Manuel Abramovich’s latest documentary feature “Pornomelancholia”.

“Pornomelancholia” follows Lalo, a sexual influencer living in a mountainous region of Mexico. On the screen, Lalo posts charismatic, nude pictures of herself and home-made pornographic videos that are viewed by thousands of followers. When the camera is off, Lalo goes into a state of disarray throughout his life.

When a person’s sex life is product and sold, what will the desire be? Using pornography as a starting point, the film examines the art of sex, the consequences of publicly broadcasting one’s personal life, and the characters we present to the world.

According to Abramovich, the film “reflects the limitations of intimacy in an age where day-to-day and content has become a show in the eyes of others.”

An ambitious four-country co-production, “Pornomalancholia” is produced by Gemma Juarez Allen of Gemma Films in Argentina and Rachel Daisy Ellis of Desvia Films in Brazil, David Hurst of Dublin Films in France and Martzorz of Mexico. Luxbox co-CEOs Fiorella Moretti and Hadi Jardi will represent the film worldwide.

“We have long been inspired by the work of Fiorella and Heidi, their excellent taste and their unique, solo and challenging films,” said Juarez Allen. “It’s a critical moment for the market and the industry as a whole – and we know we can’t be in good hands.”

“We are extremely impressed with this artistic achievement, produced by two top Latin-American producers, who were not afraid to come up with this bold proposal,” Zardi said. “The world of those who dare.”

Abramovich, winner of the 2019 Silver Bear at the Berlinale for “Blue Boy”, this year starred alongside San Sebastian WIP Latam and Guadalajara Construুয়েe in the sidebar, creating a buzz that ended with the acquisition of Luxbox.

“We knew we had a strong and very single film that had huge potential. WIP screenings in San Sebastian and Guadalajara revealed that the industry was ready to receive it with open arms. It was great to get such a good response from festival programmers, distributors, sales representatives and filmmakers, ”said Juarez Allen, filmmaker in advance of his screening experience in Spain and Mexico.

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Gema Juárez Allen, Manuel Abramovich and David Hurst in San Sebastián
Credit: Ulises Proust

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