March 25, 2023


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Manufacturers publish their next projects – variety on the removed participant

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A networking forum for producers coming and going from Europe, Move Producers is held this week as a virtual event. The organizers, promoting European films, gave Diversity Manufacturers with exclusive access to projects are pitching to sales companies.

Here are their projects, including the latest film from the directors of the SXSW standout “Lake Bodom” and the ear breakout “Fire Will Come”. (Manufacturers’ biographies can be found at this link.)

Producer: Andre Quiralt, 4A4 Productions (France)
Director: Oliver Laksh
Jenner: Road-movie of existence
Can Breakout director Oliver Laxman’s next film, “Fire Will Come”, won the Uncensored Regard Jury Award. “Later” follows a disgruntled team that has left in search of the final team in a remote corner of Africa. They make an interchange in a mirror of sand for the characters in the depths of the Saharan desert.

“La Bella Estate”
Producer: Giovanni Pompili, Kino Produgini (Italy)
Director: Laura Luchetti
Genre: Upcoming Drama
In 1939, in Turin, “La Bella Estate” was a sensational drama of the coming era. 1 16-year-old Xenia embarks on a perilous journey to discover true love in the face of charismatic and free-spirited Amelia.

“Dark Heaven”
Producer: Elena Livinova (Estonia), three brothers
Director: Trin Rumet
Jenner: Tragedy-comedy
A gruesome story on the border of tragedy and black humor, Carmen, about 27 years old, who discovers that he was recently buried, said that his caring father was really living in debt and his whole life was a big lie. After committing a heinous act against his honest brother, Carmen now has to face the dark emptiness of the universe, which can only be filled with love.

“Gregorius, the Chosen One”
Producer: Mikula Novotte, Background Films (Czech Republic)
Director: Thomasz Melnick
Jenner: Black comedy
“Gregarius, the Chosen One” would be a black joke set in the Middle Ages. Gregorius grew up believing that he was an orphan, later accidentally marrying his mother, and towards the end of his life he became that pope. A new and ridiculous approach in a poem by Hartman von Au, “The Good Sinner.”

“Cork Hoop Kings”
Producer: John Wallace, Cowtown Films (Ireland)
Directors: Rob and Ronan Burke (Individual Talent Group)
Jenner: Sports comedy-drama
An NBA failure hired an ambitious amateur basketball team in 1980s Ireland.

“Jewish Girl”
Producer: Tanja Georgieva-Waldawar, Elimeg Pictures (Germany)
Director / Writer: Sharon Bar-tongue
1943. Cristo (Samuel Finzi), a bar owner, determined to rescue an injured 16-year-old Jewish girl who boarded a train to Auschwitz. Meanwhile, he develops a close relationship with the Jewish physician who treated his wife based on a true story.

“Land in Me”
Producer: Yale Uka, Iconi Studio (Kosovo)
Director: Fisnick Maxuni
Co-production in Switzerland, Kosovo, France, Bulgaria
The story of privacy in post-war society. The two main characters have to help bury a mass grave in their village as the secrets of the past are revealed along with the corpses.

Producer: Marta Habier, Sugar Films (Poland)
Director: Jasek Borchuch, based on Anthony Liber’s best-selling novel (same title)
In Poland, during the horrific years of the Soviet-controlled Middle Ages, a remarkably intelligent schoolgirl fell in love with her French teacher. His fascination allowed him to compare post-war Poland’s drab and corrupt culture to the brilliance of French literary and artistic society. Without realizing it, his attempt to get close to “Madame” was the first step in her release as an artist.

Producer: La Cruada Realized (Spain) with Olmo Figaredo, La Cruvata (Spain)
Director: Patricia Ortega
Genre: comedy, adult drama
A religious grandmother learns how to use the Internet. When she accidentally encounters pornography, she is faced with a dilemma: to follow the socially guided belief of behavior for an older woman, or to succumb to temptation in search of a delicious and shameless orgasm.

Producers: Andrea Kuralt, 4A4 Productions (France), Magoa Films (Argentina) and El Via Films
Director: Santiago Phil
Jenner: Political thriller
1975. An American filmmaker first appeared in Pampas, Argentina to film the story of the workers’ revolt against landowners. Actors are secretly militants, risking their own lives.

“The Narcissist” (work title)
Producers: Mary Kegelson, Kegelson & Week (Sweden)
Director: Katja Week
The film will be a character-directed, entertaining story that relies on a group, some of them obsessed with their own imagery and reassurance, some of them concentrating here and now on the contrary and feeling life-like content.

“The sky is mine”
Producer: Alan R. Milligan, Deepak Rounier (original production) with Tanhauser Gate (Norway), Jeremy Chua (photo)
Director: Deepak Rouniar
Jenner: Police thriller
Pooja became the first female Nepali police superintendent to break the century-old barrier. Nothing prepared him for his first case: in a town in the midst of colorless unrest, two boys were abducted without a trace and only 24 hours to save them.

Producer: Flavia Janon, Close Up Films (Switzerland)
Director: Carmen Zackier
In a Swiss village in the summer of 1900, Elizabeth, 17, returned home from the convent after learning of her sister’s mysterious death. Reunited with his three childhood friends, he discovers that faith and desire can sometimes get involved.

Producer: Alexei Hiverinen, Don Films Way (Finland)
Director: Taneli Mustonen
Jenner: Elevated Horror
Starting from the scandals behind the Scandinavian horror hit and the SXSW standout film “Lake Bodom”, “The Twin” is a higher English language horror film about a maternal instinct going wrong. A funny twisted story about a mother who needs to face the unbearable truth about her surviving twin son.

Producer: Mario Patrocano, BRO Cinema (Portugal)
Jenner: Crime thriller
English-language scripted TV series centers on the identification of a mysterious American diver by a British police officer, leading to an investigation into links to a high-society family with international drug trafficking.

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