March 20, 2023


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Mariah Carey, Mary J. Bliss attends Andre Harrell Funeral in New Jersey – Variety

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Music executive Andre Harrell, who launched Uptown Records and ushered in a new era of hip-hop-flavored spirits and R&B, was laid to rest Saturday (May 23) at the George Washington Cemetery in Paramount, NJ. The funeral took place on Feder Lawn, after a celebration of his life at the Visar Plat-Cagiano Funeral Home. Harrell related May died of heart problems.

Among the reporters present were artist Maria Kerry and Mary J. Blige, comedian Chris Rock and executive L.A. Red and Leo Cohen, according to local reports.

Participants included musical Judeki and gospel icons BB and CC Wins. Comments In addition to Harrell’s son Gianni Creddy-Harrell, Tracy Mattland, Cohen, Mark Siegel, Rock, Bliss and Rev. Was performed by Al Sharpton.

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Apollo pays tribute to music legends Little Richard and Andre Harrell
Apollo Tribute, New York, USA – 10 May 2020

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P. Harrell played a key role in launching the careers of DD, Blizzard, Teddy Riley, Heavy D, Judasie and many more, which the next night televised tribute to BET, Revolt TV and Fox Soul, and more heartfelt as artists and friends without any script or teleprompter. Said.

Dr. Jacqueline and Mr. Hyde’s former rap partner, Alonzo Brown (who went to work with Harrell in Motown), referred to Harrell as his “best friend.” Russell Simmons Heavy D’s first single “Mr. Big Staff”, which ironically Simmons rejected in the first Duff Jam, inadvertently signed Harrell to Heavy D as the first artist in Uptown. Radio personality Ed Lover gives a brief history of Uptown, the beginning of Mary J. Blizzard’s career, and the birth of the term “hip-hop spirit.”

Another tribute was paid to the artist Al B Sure (another that was signed to Uptown’s production company but not the record label). Snoop Doug spoke of Harrell’s inspiring term “Black Excellence,” and filmmaker Lee Daniels said Harrell had “the cultural barometer everyone wanted to see”. This was exemplified when Alonzo Brown successfully sold the “New York Undercover” TV show to him and Harrell Fox, and the movie “Honey” promised to streamline Jessica Alber’s career. Brown said of his former partner and friend, “He makes you think the impossible is possible.”

In a great tribute, model Naomi Campbell spoke about Harrell’s “big heart and smile,” a point made by most artists and executives. Mariah Carey called him, “Funny personality.”

Robin Thik, who has worked with Harrell throughout his career, initially gave a presentation of Judy’s “Come and Talk to Me” as part of Harrell’s imprint on New American Records.

Quincy Jones, Rep. There was also the respect of Maxine Waters who spoke to Harrell about his political activism through the initiative of Ver or Dye, Babyface, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, p. DD and Clarence Avant – a concealer, advisor to many industry and political figures and label chief – a Mantel Harrell must have followed the line.

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