October 25, 2021


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‘Martinez,’ ‘Octopus Skin’ Sweep 2021 Guadalajara Construুয়েe

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For three days at the 2021 Guadalajara Film Festival in Mexico, his Guadalajara Construুয়েe side bar was awarded on Sunday for the progress of his work, much to the delight of Latin American filmmakers.

Guadalajara Construয়e exemplifies the integration of the Latin American film industry, where production companies across the region fund numerous awards designed to get work-progress in a jumble for films ready for distribution.

The biggest winner of the night was the Mexican film “Martinez” directed by Mexican film Lorena Padilla who wrote the direction and screenplay at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Padilla has raised various levels of funding from Mexico’s Imsin Film Agency over the years and continues that good fortune tonight, picking up five awards for providing post-production services for the almost-finished “Martinez.”

It tells the story of an elderly office worker who sees that his long-standing habit of cold shoulders for social relationships has left him friendless.

Prizes for “Martinez” include a chemistry (Mexico) -sponsor award for color correction worth about 950,000 pesos ($ 50,000); Fix Comunicación (Mexico) -Sponsor award worth 320,000 pesos ($ 17,000) for making a trailer; And a sponsorship award for the Diecinueve 36 (Mexico) -240,000 pesos ($ 12,600) Credit Design Award.

Padilla’s debut also began with the 3C Film Group (Argentina) Distribution Award, a DCP valued at 100,000 pesos (5,300); And Secuencia + Estrategico (Mexico) for a poster and website worth 100,000 pesos (US $ 5,300).

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Octopus skin
Courtesy of Anna Christina Barragan

The second biggest winner of the night in the sidebar of the Guadalajara constructs was “Octopus Skin” (“La Piel Pulpo”, a co-production between Ecuador, Mexico, Greece and Germany that tells the story of twins growing up on a rocky island. Directed by Anna Christina Barragon, “Octopus Skin” won Mexico’s Churubuso Award for full post-production service worth 500,000 pesos (US $ 26,300); Pablo Mondragon / Full Mix Post (Mexico) Compliments, valued at $ 790 to $ 19,000; Marketing Movie Runner Award for Film Analysis and Final Cut of $ 7,400; and Parti Films Award with subtitles of 18,960 pesos ($ 1,000).

“Saudade Home Inside” (“Saudade Fez Morada Aqui Dentro”), directed by Haroldo Borges, collected three awards, telling the story of a 15-year-old boy suffering from degenerative vision disease, which ultimately emphasizes that the inhabitants of the earth have a new vision of his violent apparatus. To take. The film was awarded the Habanero (Brazil) -Sponsor Award for International Distribution for 200,000 pesos (,000 37,000) and the HD Argentina-Sponsorship Award for 200,000 pesos (37 37,000).

“Saudade Home Inside” also won the নো 10,000 cash prize in the Brazilian No Mundo program, founded by the Olga Rabinovich Institute’s Projecto Paradise to increase the presence of Brazilian films, series and projects. Major international festivals and markets.

Another Brazilian film in the Guadalajara constructs, Andre Ristam’s “Hospicio Colonia” tells the story of a young woman who is brutally insanely promised asylum by her father after she gets pregnant by her boyfriend.

The Yagan Films-Sponsor Award was given for the final blend of “Hospicio Colonia”, valued at 400,000 pesos (21 21,000). The project was introduced as a feature film, but it was shot both as a feature and a separate ten-episode TV series that gained widespread popularity on Brazilian TV.

Directed by Manuel Abramovich and widely followed by sex-influencers on social media, “Pornomelancoli” was awarded the OA Sonido Prize for sound editing at 1,140,000 pesos (6 6,800).

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