September 18, 2021


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Marvel Unlimited: Comics App Relaunch Features X-Men Unlimited # 1

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Marvel says it has redesigned the Marvel Unlimited Digital-Comics subscription app from the ground up সাথে with an update that includes some top-requested features and brand new content.

The newly created app launched on Thursday (September) with the first major line from Marvel’s Exclusive Infinity Comics, a full-screen vertical comic designed for phones and tablets. Jonathan Hickman’s “X-Men Unlimited” is # 1 among 27 initially available Infinity Comics titles.

New features of the updated app available for iOS and Android include unlimited offline downloads, personalized reading guides, more streamlined design and off-app content sharing. Marvel Unlimited has been offering access to over 29,000 issues of classic and new titles for over 80 years. The service adds new comics on a weekly basis, with new titles added just three months after they hit the store.

Marvel Unlimited is priced at $ 9.99 / month or $ 69 / year. The new “Annual Plus” subscription for / 99 / year offers a 10% discount on purchases from MarchD, a membership kit, event invitations and Marvel Unlimited members can earn loyalty points by using the content in the app and use them to unlock rewards.

Marvel plans to launch more than 100 issues of Infinity Comics by 2021. The comics come from Marvel makers, including Jonathan Hickman, Declan Shalve, Scotty Young, Dax Gordin, Alyssa Wang, Nathan Stockman, Kelly Thompson, Gary Dugan, Lucas Warneck and Jeffo. In addition to “X-Men Unlimited”, the Infinity Comics series collection includes “Giant-Size Little Marvels,” “Captain America”, “It’s Jeff,” “Black Widow,” “Amazing Fantasy,” “Deadpool,” “Shang-Chi.” And “poisoning / murder.”

Dan Marley, President of Marvel Entertainment, said, “The goal of Marvel Unlimited has always been to provide our fans with the best digital comics experience with direct access to the unparalleled depth, breadth and vibrancy of Marvel’s character and story.” The statement “Our new Infinity Comics gives our creators the opportunity to tell stories in a whole new way and we look forward to connecting our fans to those stories next month.”

Marvel has worked with technology teams at Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (DMED) during the relaunch of the app, which delivers better performance than the company claims.

According to Doug Vance, VP of DMED Technology Products, the updated app includes personalization and a “seemingly immersive experience.” “This will allow us to reach out to the new generation of Marvel fans and enhance the experience of existing fans,” he said.

Marvel Unlimited, formerly known as Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, was first launched in November 2007.

Watch the announcement video for the new Marvel Unlimited app:

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