March 20, 2023


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Matriokkas, Heart Steel Hams Hams Awards at Pat Springs Shortfest – Variety

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At the Palm Springs International Shortfest, the Belgian-French drama “Matryokkas” documentary “The Heart Still Hums” and the animated film “Your Fabric of You” won top awards.

The festival unveiled the Jurid Award winners on Sunday from 332 short films that were part of the official election. Some winners are now eligible to enter the shorts categories for the Oscars.

The festival went on to win the Best of the Festival award, the পরিচাল 5000 prize from the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, at the “Matriokkas” run by Baranagre Mackenzie. The film centers on a 16-year-old man who lives with his young mother and begins to discover his own sexuality. When she learns she is pregnant, her mother sees herself in her daughter at the same age, facing the same choices.

“Writer / director Baranagre Mackenzie brings a complex and bold look to the page and screen and brings unexpected changes from the script and the actress’s fancy performance, including the extraordinary debut of her starring Halos Vol,” the jury said.

Directed by Savannah Leaf and Taylor Russell, “Heart Still Hums” follows five women as they fight for children through a cycle of homelessness, drug addiction and neglect from their parents. The film “received a wide-ranging yet significant test of crisis-stricken mothers and the Best Documentary Short Award for Sacramento collectors who work with them to enable agency and hope.”

“Your Fabric”, directed by Josephine Lohver Self, centers on a twenty-two-year-old mouse who hides his true identity while working as a tailor. “Weaving together a strong content element with a deep focus on simple details and a clear, textural aesthetic, stop-motion animator Josephine Lohair instinctively breathes life into this fully realized story of love and loss that is visually effective and emotionally resonant,” .

Inbar Horash won the award for best live-action for more than 15 minutes for “birthright”. Lorianas Bareisa won the award for Best Live-Action Short for “Dummy” in 15 minutes.

The full list of prizes is as follows:

Greater Palm Springs CVB Best Festival Award – Matriochkas (Belgium / France), Baranagre by Mac Nice

Specifications (for Creative Vision): Stay awake, be ready (Vietnam / South Korea / United States), managed by Fam Thien An

Specifications (for directions): Mizaru (India / USA), directed by Sudarshan Suresh

Best Animated Short – The winner received a পুরস্কার 1000 cash prize. Your fabric (UK), directed by Josephine Lohwar Self

Specifications: Is SH_T (Czech Republic / Slovakia / France), directed by Mihalai and David Stumpoff

Best Documentary Short: Heart still hums (USA), directed by Savannah Leaf and Taylor Russell

Specifications: Pass the dead woman (Peru / Qatar), managed by Lali Houghton, Station in Huntsville (USA), directed by Jamie Meltzer and Chris Philippon

Best Live-Action Shorts Over 15 Minutes: The right to birth (Israel), directed by Inbar Horash

Specifications: Hennett Ward (Egypt), directed by Murad Mustafa

Best Live-Action Shorts 15 Minutes and Less: Dolls (Lithuania), directed by Lorenas Bareisa

Specifications: Midsummer Voice (China / USA), managed by UD Zhang

Short Student Rewards:

Best Student Animated Short: Daughter (Czech Republic), managed by Daria Kashchiva

Specifications: Is SH_T (Czech Republic / Slovakia / France), by Michila Mihalai and David Stumpoff

Best Student Documentary Short: I swear to you (Germany), directed by Ranja Him

Specifications: All cats are dark gray (Switzerland), managed by Lasser Linder

Best Student International Short: Still working (Switzerland), directed by Julieta Carroll

Specifications: 22:47 Lini 34 (Switzerland), managed by Michael

Best Student USA Brief: Title South (China / United States), managed by Yuan Yuan

Specifications: Ribbon (USA / Canada / Finland), directed by Jojo Erholtz

Special Jury Prize:

Best International Short: Tongue (Norway), directed by Marja Bull Nango and Ingir Bal

Specifications: Funfair (Iran / Canada), Directed by Kave Mazaheri

Best US Short: My hero (USA), directed by Logan Jackson

Specifications (for stylistic vision and emerging talent): Pharmacopoeia (USA), Directed by Tania Taiwo

Bridging the Borders Award: Current (Palestine), directed by Farah Nabulsi

Specifications: Aadhaar (Greece / USA), operated by Daphne Maziariaki

Local Jury Awards: Welcome strangers (USA), operated by Dia Sokal Savage

Specifications: Triple Nickel Sunday (USA), directed by Jess Calcohan

Vimio Staff Pick Award: To die (Jordan / Germany / Sweden), directed by Zine Durai

Young Cinemast Award: Colette (USA / France / Germany), directed by Anthony Giachino

Specifications: Gold printed (Belgium), managed by Chloe Lonil

Best Comedy Shorts: Victor on the moon (Denmark), directed by Christian Arhof

Specifications (for directions): Block (USA), directed by Bridget Maloney

Best LGBTQ + Short: Kama’aina (USA), managed by Kimi Howl Lee

Specifications: La Gloria (USA), directed by Mary Evangelista

Best Midnight Short: Slipwalkers (India), directed by Radhika Apte

Specifications (for the best climax): Nights alone (France), directed by Olivier Strauss

Specifications (for Creative Vision): Be aware, be prepared (Vietnam / South Korea / United States), managed by Pham Thien An

Special mention (for directions): Mizaru (India / US), directed by Sudarshan Suresh

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