April 2, 2023


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Medline’s Jim Abrams L.A. Bought Mid Century Modern House – different

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Last year, Chicago-based healthcare manufacturing energy couple Jim and Wendy Abrams paid $ 9.3 million for a laboriously restored middle-class modern home in Beverly Hills. Designed by the Sunshine Rex Lottery, the so-called Kritzer House is located in the Cold Water Canyon area of ​​the city and has aring glass walls, skylights and dozens of clustered windows.

The Abrams apparently liked their new 90210 excavation so they put in another 7 7 million to acquire the house next door, another mid-century time capsule built in 1961, and arguably designed by the underrated architect Matthew Lizar. The house was long owned by an elderly widow who died in 2019 and bought the property with her TV maker’s husband about 50 years ago – for an indomitable 175,000.

Like the neighbor of Kritzer House, the leisure house is perched on both sides of the ivy garden, perched on the street at the end of a long driveway. The flat-roofed room has a tilly-handled double-door entrance that opens into a skylit fireplace, it is divided by two atriums. Immediately to the left is a wood-paneled right, furnished with a fireplace and bar, which opens to one end of the outdoor swimming pool and poolside courtyard; At the other end, the room opens into a monochromatic central courtyard at the top by a huge skylight.

To the right of the front door are two stone-covered “Zen gardens” at the entrance to the dining room, while a carpeted colony runs from the front entrance between the dining room / Zen garden and the skylight-covered central courtyard.

But perhaps the wildest room in the house, in terms of color, is the date kitchen and the adjoining breakfast area, which is decorated with Johnny wallpaper which is now quite popular as somewhat “Golden Girls”. Behind the kitchen is one of the three bedrooms in the house, which is now a blanket library / office with floor-to-ceiling bookcase and fluorescent orange wall-to-wall carpeting.

The other two bedrooms are located very far from the house, one of which was previously occupied by a live-in maid and the other by the property’s concubine. The larger master suite opens into the central courtyard and the dera dressing areas are divided by terrazo-slanted bathtubs and shower combos.

Abroad, the backyard of the half-acre property is not as large as expected, although it does have a brick roof and a huge swimming pool surrounded by a rock garden. Huge pine trees surround the property, the early L.A. The location gives the yard a Colorado feel.

Thanks to their connection to the production and distribution Jagarnote known as Medline, Abrames has quietly become one of the two strongest figures in the healthcare industry. As COO of Medline Industries ’multibillion-dollar international operations, which deliver critical care products to hospitals, physician offices and other healthcare centers, Jim Abram presides over 23,000 employees worldwide. Wendy Abrams, on her behalf, is a member of the Billionaire Mills clan, the family that founded Medline and the sister of current CEO Charlie Mills. He is a Democratic candidate and an eminent philanthropist and top donor for a wide range of reasons.

Abram’s new ১ 1.3 million, two-property Beverly Hills compound now houses more than 9,000 square feet of medium-sized accommodation, but it has grown back in size compared to their original home in Chicago’s thin suburbs. In 2007, the couple paid $ 1.6 million for a 1.5.5-acre lakefront estate in Highland Park. paid millions of dollars, making it one of the largest residential deals yet in the Chicago area.

Paul Lester and Eileen Comora of Agen put this list on; Max Nelson of Compass resurrected the Abram family.

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