September 21, 2021


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Meg Thi Stallion has opened up about shooting in the Tearful IG live session

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Tearful Megan Thi Stallion took to Instagram Live on Monday afternoon to thank her fans, attack her haters, and give a brief account of what happened on July 12, saying she was shot in the leg. That night, he and another female rapper were in the car with Tory Lanez when he was arrested for carrying a secret weapon. Preliminary reports said Megan cut her leg with broken glass in the car, but later said she was shot in the leg; Surveillance footage of the incident showed him digging his car out of the car and leaving a bloody impression.

“I just want you to know a dog is alive and well and strong and ready to return to my regular programming,” he said at the end of the session.

Wearing a shiny white top and with carefully styled hair, she began to say, “I really wanted to go here and a lot of things happened even though I didn’t smile but I smiled” And watching the stories unfold, but I see a lot of people being very supportive and praying and I really appreciate it, ”he said before starting to continue the information he has but not in as much detail.

“I shot both my legs and fired – I had to have surgery to get the bullet out, and it was horrible,” he began to shout and fan himself. “Oh, I didn’t think I was crying … it’s the worst experience of my life and it’s not funny, there’s nothing to joke about and nothing to make up a fake story for you to go. I did not lay my hands on anyone who was not fit to shoot.

“And thank God that the bullets don’t touch the bones or break the bones,” he continued. “They missed everything where the bullets hit, but the motherfuckers were there.”

He then apparently turned to this discussion as to why he did not initially tell the police what had happened. “And it’s not like I was protecting someone, I wasn’t ready to talk,” he said. “You take your whole life on Instagram and Twitter and make a diary of it and it’s not me. I’ve never seen so many men sniff at something that’s not their mother-mind business. What if your sister was shot?”

The post was apparently created in response to a TMZ report over the weekend, where a source said hospital records show that Megan was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. with a “gunshot wound”, although more on that later. The details are not clear. Los Angeles police have confirmed they have launched an investigation into the incident based on Megan’s comments.

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