September 20, 2021


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Meghan Trainer bought the Los Angeles House for 6.6 million

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He’s as famous as all about that bus, but this holiday season Meghan Trainer is almost all about bowling. The local man from Nantucket has thrown মিল .. 6 million for a glittering stylish pond in the coastal LA neighborhood of Enkino, where other fellow musicians in the city – Gan Stephanie and Blake Shelton, Selina Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez – recently home.

Trainer Doug Jordan bought the 1.1-acre estate from the 31-year-old rapper, better known as TMG Fresh, and the eldest son of major Democratic political booster Wayne Jordan and Queen Delaney. Jordan sold the place after a দুই 35,000 loss on paper after just two years of ownership, an amount he has invested in property treatments, custom upgrades like Vegas that could include a substantial amount of LED track lights, an entire city power supply and a state-of-the-art recording studio.

Even if the heavy facelift is dressed to impress the house, random pedestrians will be very disappointed. The forts ensure that the Trainer Estate is completely invisible to the public, hidden behind 10-foot gates and huge hedges and guarded by an extensive security system. Trees and roofed gardens point to places like parks.

The entrance to the guests will be impressed by the official motorcourt before it is absolutely hastened by the fork, which gives several exciting new names and features a double staircase and custom chandeliers that give the appearance of a diamond waterfall. Outside, the medium brown hardwood floors lead to the fireplace-decorated living room, which now serves as a giant archway – complete with a violet-felt pool table, a shoot-em-up station with a plastic gun, and at least a pinball machine.

There are also more conventional dining and family rooms, both open to a gourmet kitchen that is one of the finest of the top stainless appliances and awake in marbles. Additional highlights include a rather dazzling black-and-white private office, complete with custom glass-fronted cabinets and a private seating room, a dual showroom closet, and a hedonistic master suite with a spa-style bath. The master bedroom has a covered porch overlooking the backyard where there is a grassy lawn around the camouflage pool featuring a waterfall and waterfall.

Taped into a corner of the property is a two-story guesthouse, where the property’s former three-car garage now serves as a mirror-walled, rubber-floor gym. Upstairs, the second space in the recording studio is shared with a kitchen / bar and a living room with a fireplace.

The trainer, now 227 and married to actor Daryl Sabara, still owns a Los Angeles home worth at least two million dollars. Its main residence remains as a modern farmhouse-style estate on Taluka Lake, purchased in 2016 for 4.9 million; And also the owner of a small property in the nearby Valley Village neighborhood, which spread to পরে 1.7 million later that year.

Speaking of Jordan, he still owns his 2 7.2 million “starter” home in the hills above Beverly Hills, although Oakland, California recently completed a 9 9 million acquisition of a Bell Air Mansion located within a special guard-community.

The agency’s Santiago Arana contained the list; Justin Paul Huchel of Hilton & Holland has replaced Trainer.

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