March 29, 2023


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Mental Health Zoom Talk – Variety for people in the music industry every Thursday

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In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, no other organization, Good + Energy and Pretty Mental is hosting an open-air conversation on mental health this Thursday with a Certified Therapist called “Holding Space” in the music industry.

Thursday’s conversation (May 14th) was called “Introduction and Ego” and involved Capital Music Group’s SVP Amber Grimes, the head of CLVRN, certified therapist Paula Sinistra and her sister Valentina (Pretty Mental Mental-Health Platform) and Be present. Marketing Shane McNichal; Good + Energy Co-Wonder Kevin Jundu will be moderate, Daniel Quibrado Jimenez, founder of another company, will be moderate. Next week’s topic will be “Cooperation vs. Competition,” followed by “Mental Health of Marginalized Communities”.

For more information, visit the organization’s website:

The organizers hope to continue the meeting beyond this month. “The big goal is to integrate mental health care providers into the music industry and open up this conversation as a whole,” said Quibrado Jimenez. “The reality is that most people are dealing with some of the heaviest mental health issues right now – both artists and the people who work with them – now we wanted to address that, since most people don’t have access to a therapist.”

Last week’s discussion, which attracted about 80 viewers, included 200 of the 80’s, including Kay Henderson and Colors Brandon Piano.

Series favorites:

– Amber Grimes – SVP, Global Creative Capital (ex-Spotify)

– Sean McNichal – Head of Marketing and Brand Partnership @ LVRN

– Kay Henderson – since the 80’s @ before the head of the marketing department (previously operated 21 Savage)

– Brandon Piano – Color Leadership A&R in the United States

– The management team behind Baby Rose

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