January 31, 2023


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Menu Streaming: How to Watch Online on HBO Max

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A little over a month after hitting theaters, “” is now available for streaming at home. The Anya Taylor-Joy thriller is now streaming on HBO Max.

The dark comedy was produced by Adam McKay and directed by Mark Mild, and it follows a couple named Margot and Tyler (played by Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) as they embark on a high-end dining experience at a secluded, very exclusive restaurant that soon turns out to be. Like many of the fierce McKay and Mildred’s projects (Milead directed 13 episodes of “Legacy,” of which McKay is an executive producer), the film serves as a satirical satire of the upper class because it centers on head chef Slovic (Ralph Fiennes). So consumed by the hyper-competitive restaurant industry that he lost sight of why he fell in love with food in the first place.

“‘Menu’ is a black comedy, but played close to the bone,” wrote diversity Leading film critic Wayne Glaberman reviewed the film. “And it is is A thriller, because after a while what the diners are being served turns from pretentious to dangerous. Even danger becomes a form of snobbery: How important is this food?. Yet the delicious joke about ‘The Menu’ is that the food doesn’t matter at all. Food is an abstraction, a ideaEverything is created to fulfill an extra-ordinary idea of ​​perfection that has little to do with sustenance or pleasure and everything to do with the vanity of those who are making the food and those who are consuming it.”

Stream “The Menu” on HBO Max today.

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