October 25, 2021


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Meredith Steham elected president of WGA West

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Meredith Steham has been elected president of the Writers Guild of the American West, replacing David Goodman, who has resigned after four years in office.

Steham ran uncontested, like the slate of his officers. Michelle Mরller was elected vice president and Betsy Thomas was elected secretary-treasurer.

“It is an honor to be awarded membership as WGAW President,” Steeham said in a statement. “I look forward to working with Michelle, Betsy and the board of directors to make the progress that our union makes for writers and to address the challenges we face in our creative and economic lives.”

Steam was a producer on shows like “Homeland,” “Cold Case,” “ER,” and “NYPD Blue.” He’s a veteran of the recent war guild wounds with companies that ended up packaging. Steham acted as a counter-claimant in the WGA’s lawsuit against the agency, alleging that he was unknowingly packaged on the show.

In his candidacy statement, Stiham said he wanted to use the union’s momentum in the 20223 labor talks. He said he would focus on improving the streaming residue and fighting the “mini-room” that reduced writers ’salaries.

“Once again a new business model – vertically integrated streaming – is revolutionizing writers
Jobs, and being used to reduce our salaries, “he wrote.” The downward pressure on income that we’re all feeling is not a by-product of the model – it’s the goal. “

Eighteen candidates ran for the board seat, eight of whom were also elected for a two-year term: Liz Alper, Nicole Yorkin, Joe Marshall, Marjorie David, Dante W. Harper, Dylan Rodriguez, Rob Chavis, Adam Conver. The ninth candidate, E. Nicholas Mariani, was elected for one year.

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