September 22, 2021


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Metallurgy to film on the show for Entore Live’s Drive-In concert series

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If you would like to see and hear the metallic with strings, the group’s latest collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony, the live album / documentary “S&M2” will be released on August 28th for home entertainment.

But if you want to experience the metallicity with the horn-car horn, the band will come to drive-in on August 29 with the only one-night concert film.

Their performance will be the third to be presented on drive-in screens by Encore Live this summer and the first entrepreneur outside the country genre. The organization’s two pre-epidemic-era presentations feature Garth Brooks in June and Blake Shelton in July.

Like its predecessors, the metallic show will be pre-recorded and will appear on hundreds of outdoor screens, including a fixed drive-in theater location and a mix of pop-ups.

The group has been reuniting with the Symphony Chase Center in San Francisco since last September when the original “S&M” joined in 1999 for the concert and live album, capturing the performance of Metallica’s first full concert. “Shot specifically for the band’s Encore Drive-in Night series near the Northern California headquarters.”

Ticket prices weren’t immediately available but would be adjusted to প্রতি 115 per carol for the recent Shelton One-Knight. One difference between these and Brooks / Shelton shows is that each carol admission ticket is good for six people, “S & End. The M2 will include four digital downloads of the album – a new twist in the practice of “ticket bundling” that was tied before for sale for a live concert.

Pressel’s tickets will go on sale at the Metallica Fan Club on August 12 and then a general on-sale will go on August 14, at A complete list of participating theaters or pop-ups will be kept at With the previous two Encoded Nights drive-in shows, most of the 300-plus operating drive-in theaters in the United States and Canada chose to run the concert program on at least one of their screens, with dozens of temporary sets set out in the summer for outdoor revival programming.

“We’ve seen with our first two Encode Nights Drive-in concerts that fans absolutely dig into the drive-in experience, and we know that Metallica will take this thing to new heights and take it to a whole new level,” said Walter Kinzi, CEO of Encore Live. Says.

The group will appear as a “opening law” as part of a three-day Grace illustrated presentation.

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