October 23, 2021


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MGM’s Pamela Abdi and Michael de Luca to open Zurich Sumi

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Pamela Abdi, president of MGM Motion Picture Group, and Michael de Luca, chairman, will begin the Zurich summit on Saturday with keynote talks with CAG Media Finance co-chairman Roig Sutherland.

As a boutique conference, the two-day conference brings together about 100 film producers, sales executives and film, TV and entertainment as well as technology entrepreneurs and financiers at Dolder Grand.

The first day of the summit includes keynote notes and panel sessions, the second day includes networking activities such as tennis tournaments, barbecues and dinners.

Zeta F. Industry head Rita Guetag said Zurich had deliberately opted for its summit for a boutique feel where “Saturday input, and Sunday and evening fun” to make a difference with other major events on the festival and market calendar. The idea is to create an atmosphere where executives and creatives can easily come together and at the same time build relationships with the acquisition of market intelligence.

Unlike many industrial events that have occurred in the wake of the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic, this is not a hybrid version of a full-body assembly-summit. Guetg says this is a deliberate strategy. “We decided last year that our industry events should be on site. To get the feel of this boutique conference, it really has to be a physical event.

That being said, this is a personal summit, not that ZFF seems to have persuaded a high-profile lineup of speakers to travel to the event.

The presence of Abdi and De Lucar at the summit comes on the eve of the Swiss premiere of MGM’s “No Time to Die” and four months after the Amazon announcement it is buying the studio for 8. 8.45 billion.

The pair have been credited with reviving MGM as a home for storytelling talent, and as champions of drama releases including the upcoming Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci”, Joe Wright’s musical adaptation “Sirano” and Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Lycoris Pizza”. At the summit, they will discuss how they have endured the changing role of studios in the epidemic and the streaming landscape, and outline the future of MGM.

Abdi will also be honored with the Game Changer Award during the Zurich Summit.

Another major focus of the Streaming Summit. The “How to … Work with Streamer” on the steamer shows input from producers who include author / producer Matt Frey and Barry Films producer Benito Mueller and Tarnas Films producer Anita Wasser, as well as Netflix’s manager in Germany, the international filmmaker, Austria and Wiese.

The “State of Global Distribution” session may also feature streaming, featuring Danny Perkins, CEO of Eliasson Film Group, Dan Steinman, vice president of 30 West, Lor Parlani, co-founder of Totem Films, and Rockstar Wark, an anonymous ACO president.

Bakel Walden, SRG SSR’s Director of Development and Offer, will take a Swiss streaming session on “The Streaming Wars – Battleground Switzerland”.

Elsewhere, “Creative Financing and Production in Europe,” “New Ideas from the Nordics” and “Championing Different Stories … and Reaching New Audiences,” and “European Film: Crisis or Confidence.”

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