September 18, 2021


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Michael Brooks, political commentator and podcast host, died at 37

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Michael Brooks, a political commentator who hosted the web series “The Michael Brooks Show” and “The Majority Report” on the show’s Twitter account on Monday, has died. He is 37 years old.

“With this heavy heart, we are announcing the unexpected pass to Michael Brooks: one son, brother, friend and true comrade due to a sudden medical condition,” the Twitter statement said. “Michael believes in uniting people in a fight for love and justice, a fight for all the poor and working people, a fight he understood worldwide. He knew the only way we could do this was by bringing people together and bringing the work of his life together people from different backgrounds and countries. We hope you will join us in his honor by continuing this work. ”

“The Majority Report” is a daily, political talk show that publishes its episodes on YouTube and publishes podcast services such as iTunes, Spotify, iHartridio and others. Brooks has been a collaborator on the show since 2013 and has discussed politics and cultural issues. The “Michael Brooks Show” was launched in 2017 with Brooks as the host, discussing politics, history and pop culture.

Brooks appeared as an analyst for Al Jazeera English, the Huffington Post and other outlets, according to the show’s website. He authored two books, co-authored by Josh Summers, “Against the Web: A Cosmopolitan Answer to the New Right” and “The Buddha’s Playbook.”

The Brooks family will build a foundation in his honor and people will treat him with “respect and dignity for all people” to honor him.

The statement said, “It is impossible to capture the impact he has had, and he will be greatly missed.” “His family and friends want to make sure that this work continues and are preparing a plan for the best possible way to continue this fight. While it is uncertain what form it will take, Michael’s family wants to keep his work alive and urges those who want to contribute to continue on the common channels. Now we will honor Michael by treating all people with respect and dignity. ”

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