March 21, 2023


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Michelle Obama’s speech encourages activism outside of hashtags and posts – diverse

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Michelle Obama kicked off her “Favorite Class 2020” postgraduate speech with a list of uncomfortable questions and facts.

“Our foundation has been shaken over the last few months,” Mrs. Obama said. “It is not just epidemics that have robbed many of our loved ones, disrupted our daily lives, and left millions on the brink of unemployment. But our country was also built on the old flawed line of age. The race and the lines of power that are once again, so easily revealed to fight all of us. “

The former First Lady openly stated that she too was overwhelmed by the current state of the world. “So if any of you are afraid, or confused, or angry, or overwhelmed by everything, IF You feel like you are looking for a lifeline to keep yourself stable, you are not alone. I feel that too. I think we all think so. “

The statement goes on to say that these painful issues are not inconsistent.

“What is happening now is a direct result of decades of unequal prejudice inequality. The truth is, when we talk about all the neat stories of hard work and self-determination, we want to tell ourselves about America. Well, the reality is much more complicated than that.” Because for many people in this country, no matter how hard they work, there are structural barriers against them that only make the road longer and harder, and sometimes it is almost impossible to move up fairly, because if you need to work during an epidemic, your employer Don’t have adequate protective equipment or health insurance, or sick leave? What’s more important: Your job or your life? If you don’t feel safe driving around here? Or going to the world or buying some candy at 11-11, Or a bird watch? If you can’t go to the police without risking your life, how can you start your own course? “

Instead of giving impossible answers, the former First Lady came up with life lessons, instructions on how to channel this new-look focus.

Lesson 1: “Life will always be uncertain.”

Lesson 2: “Treating people right will never fail you.”

Lesson 3: “Share your voice with the rest of the world.”

Lesson 4: “Anger is a powerful force, it can be an effective force. But if left in its hands it will only synthesize and destroy and sow chaos inside and out. But when anger is concentrated, when it is turned into something more.” , This is the thing that changes history.

Looking forward, Mrs. Obama moved toward activism beyond the share of social media. “Sometimes it’s easier to stand up to a stranger in protest than to challenge someone in your own backyard, so if you hear people expressing bigotry or talking to ‘those people’, it’s your job to call on them.” Because if we are just ready to do the very simple task, we will not solve any problem. You have accepted hard choices and sacrifices. This is especially effective during epidemics if you only spend a lot of time on hash tagging and posting, but this is just the beginning. Go further. Send a link to all your friends to vote. Send everyone you know to join you in exercising your constitutional right to protest. “

The Rich Higher Initiative hosted the first hour of the YouTube special, which also included an introductory address from Beyoncé é the K-pop group BTS Lady Gaga, Barack Obama and Malala Yousafzai, among others.

Additionally, YouTube featured music performances include Lizo and New York Philharmonic, Chloe X Haley, Phineas, Cat Perry, and a performance of “Still I Rise” featuring Madison Clay, Misty Copeland, Naya Lovell, Janelle Mone, Shonda Rice, Shonda Rice , Kelly Rowland, and Ira Shahidi.

The all-day commemoration celebration has been honored for this year’s undergraduate class, who are unable to perform in person due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The “Favorite Class of 2020” was supposed to take place on the first Saturday, but the event was rescheduled so as not to disrupt the memorial commemorating the life of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody on May 25.

See live stream here.

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