October 16, 2021


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Mickey Gaiton has performed on ‘Live From My Dean’ from Nashville

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Mickey Guyton said of the back-to-back effects of his song “Remember His Name” written shortly after Brauna Taylor’s death at the hands of local police, “These songs touched on a moment,” Black Like Me, “which Helped make the soundtrack (Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been convicted) and “What would you tell him?” “But where the moment comes and goes, Gaiton’s music – and message – is timeless.

“It wasn’t planned,” he continued. “I never thought any song would be heard. When I wrote ‘What will you tell him?’ You can’t write it, you can’t sing it. ‘I was very conditioned to think so. They are landing exactly where they were supposed to land. It opened up so many opportunities for me that I never got one. And that’s just because I said, ‘Enough!’ What I am writing is true and in my heart. “

Gaiton distributes performances on these and three new tracks (“Indigo,” “Different” and “Le It On Me”), for the latest episode of “Live From My Dane”, a series created by artist Dane and only at Variety.com. Available. Guyton released a highly anticipated new album, “Remember His Name,” on September 24th.

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Performing from Nashville’s Hard Rock Cafe, Guyton speaks candidly about his lyrics, his art, and the confidence he had to build to tell the truth. “There’s a huge account in country music, and I see it myself in my own way and on my own terms,” he says. “I’m proud.”

Gaiton currently calls Los Angeles home, but Nashville where he paid his dues as a budding musician. It was not an easy road. “I see myself at the forefront of that change,” he says. “I have been in this city for a long time. I have seen many artists come and go. I have seen many female artists come and go. The common denominator is, a lot of the time, we just give up and we say, ‘OK, I don’t get that support.’ And I’m not saying it’s right here. And there are other ways. And that’s where we are today. ”

The epidemic and “everyone has to be steadfast for a moment” means that people like self-control often don’t have time to sacrifice themselves, Gaiton suggests. “So we all looked a little inside.” Fortunately for fans of his anti-traditional work, what has come out of looking inside is pure art.

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