March 21, 2023


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More tributes to Antonio Banderas, film composer Ennio Morricone – Variety

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Among those given to legendary film composer Ennio Marikron early Monday were Antonio Banderas, Edgar Wright, Jean-Michel Jarre, Chance the Rapper and even the Prime Minister of Italy. He was 91 years old.

For more than seven decades, Marikron has contributed to more than 520 scores, including “The Good, the Bad and the Crooked”, “The Hateful Eight”, “Cinema Paradiso” and “West Up to the West in Time”. Marikon has achieved the best achievement in composing music for Motion Picture, the 2016 Original Score Academy Award for “The Hateful Eight”.

Director Edgar Wright paid tribute on social media, saying, “Where would even start with iconic musician Ennio Morrickon? He was able to make an average movie to watch, a good movie in the industry and a great movie in legend. He never stopped my stereo my whole life. What a legacy he left behind.

Antonio Banderas who posted 1989’s “Tie Tie Up! Tie Tie Down,” said, “With great sadness we say goodbye to one of the greatest masters of cinema. His music will continue to play in our memory. Rest in peace #Aniomerican.”

French violinist Renডad Capuনn writes: “It is a pity that the huge Anio Marikon is missing. Little Toto in ‘Cinema Paradiso’, and all the lovers of the composer are upset today.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti tweeted, “We will always remember, with infinite gratitude, the artistic talent of Maestro #Eniomericon. It was our dream, exhilarating, reflective, memorable note that will remain indomitable in the history of music and cinema.”

Composer and musician Jean-Michel Jarre wrote a tribute in both French and English, “Anio Marikon is a unique sound, a major influence and source of inspiration for a great dazzling melody: love and respect.”

Chance The Rapper posted a simple but heartfelt tribute on his Twitter page, “RIP Ennio Morricone.” He was associated with the Mercury piece “Crisis”.

The electronic duo, Goldfrap, shared how Marikon influenced their music. “It simply came to our notice then. He was also a huge inspiration for Goldfrap, especially at Felt Mountain. Here is a playlist for our favorite Morricone tracks on X7:

“Dolomite is my name,” shared Larry Karasejuski, author, “there is no greater filmmaker than Enio Morricone. So unique, so long. He made better than the movies he made. His favorite to Western and thrillers, but my favorite score From Gilo Pontekvavod’s brilliant political epic “Quimada”

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