September 20, 2021


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MTV VMAs 2021 Best Moment, from Doza Cat to Lil Nas X.

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Doza Cat cited the example of “Most Host” at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, not only performing dual roles as MC and performer (she presented “Ben Like This” and “You Write” from her new albums “Planet Her”. An elegant display of movement), but also cycling through a procession of lazy clothing. He was also a winner, taking a Moon person home for the best collaboration. That moment, as well as the memorable twist from Klee and Busta Rhymes, and an unexpected red carpet dustup involving machine gun Kelly and Connor McGregor, is one of the top 10 VMA moments this year.

Doja cat clothing

Doza Kat wore a smooth black dress with a simple chain belt and from there things gradually became insane. There was no limit to the colors, fabrics and gravity of the singer’s costume change. It’s hard to make a favorite choice, but the one he described himself as “a worm” – perhaps consent to Dennis Villanuev’s upcoming film “Dune” Sand Worm? – Accepting his award for best collaboration with SZ for “Kiss Me More”, of course a contestant.

It was until he appeared by donating a bright red chair as a hat. The only thing that was more shocking was when the chair hat was removed to sit on it. Filled with irony, Doza cracked: “We need to cherish this moment.”

Or the moment when the night was off when he was literally wearing a chicken costume. It wasn’t his first time on the farm – remember “Mu,” his groundbreaking hit?) – but it’s probably an icon of New York, Clara the Chicken ’90s Club Kids fame, terribly proud.

Lazy loaded pictures

NEW YORK, New York – September 12: Doza Cat speaks on stage during the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center on September 12, 2021 in Brooklyn Borough, New York City. (Photo by Getty Images for Jamie McCarthy / MTV VMA 2021 / MTV / ViacomCBS)
Getty Images for MTV / ViacomCBS

Billy Ilish’s thoughtful words

Billy Ilish is not always known to make long acceptable speeches; Instead, he packs energy into every word. This was of course when he received the “Video for Good” award for “Your Power”. “We need to protect young women at all costs. We also need to remember that we all have power. And we need to remember not to abuse it,” said 19-year-old Elish Mancha.

Kli takes us to church

Chloe gave her first solo performance at X-Hall’s VLMA, singing her new single, “Have Darcy”. Starting with a spooky voice that matched her scary red cape, Klee soon transformed into a pink corset bodysuit and performed some red-hot choreography. The performance also included a dance break, during which Klee proved that her chops were a real three-fold threat. Then he put everything on the floor – literally – finishing the performance on the ground, somehow hitting all the notes while still spinning.

Machine gun Kelly and Connor McGregor quarrel

It wouldn’t be a VMA without a little red carpet drama, and this year’s dose came in the form of rapper-eme-rocker machine gun Kelly and UFC champion Connor McGregor, who were later there to present the artist. Justin Bieber Award of the Year. The two got into an argument on the red carpet in front of dozens of media reporters and photographers, with McGregor complaining that he had thrown his drink at Kelly. When Diversity When Kelly is later caught on the red carpet and asked about it, she refuses to answer without hitting the microphone. This is a developing story …

Normani and Tiana Taylor show their “wild side”

Yet another show-stopping performance came courtesy of Normany and Tiana Taylor, who lit up the stage with a strange rendition of Norman’s “Wild Side.” Dressed in all future silver, Normani performed the song with the help of a dozen dancers who doubled her care and drove the highly choreographed music video. Raising the sex 11, after pulling the last few octave tones of the last Norman song, Taylor was led on stage in BDSM construction and Normani climbed to the top.

Ojuna pulls out the Bears

Latin star Ozuna performed her song “La Fanca” from head to toe in a glittering rose. In a beautiful touch, his backup dancers were life-sized teddy bears, and a giant claw often reached down, threatening to drag one of them into the sky. The performance brought a fun, youthful energy to the VMA, encouraging the crowd to loosen and embrace their inner child.

Foo warriors honor the stone

Billy Ilish presented the Fu Fighters with this year’s Global Icon Award and accordingly the band served a medal for some of their best hits. In a touching gesture, drummer Taylor Hawkins’ buzz drum utters “Charlie RIP” in honor of Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, who died Aug. 2. “Learn to Fly”, “Shame Shame” and the classic “Everlong”, which was charted for the first time since 1997 earlier this week. The band’s icon status was no better than panning the camera to Olivia Rodrigo in the crowd, who was screaming with Dave Grohl’s song.

Busta Rhymes Big Ups Brooklyn

Joining the stage of Spliff Star, the Busta Rhymes served up a jam-packed medley of its biggest hits, bringing a hometown pride to the Brooklyn-set show. The pair matched the red-and-white look ছে shaking a bucket hat with rhyme এবং and “Keep Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” a remix of the “Ant Up” MOP, a scene from “Tribal Quest,” “Look at Me” by Chris Brown, and Lastly, touch it with the iconic verse of Rhymes on “Pass the Corvocia”.

Olivia Rodrigo Bests Kid Laroi

After crushing a performance of her punk-pop hit “Good 4 You”, Olivia Rodrigo’s victory clamor continued as she picked up the Best New Artist award at home, defeating Kid LaRoy for honors in a fan vote. Gentle, Rodrigo said during his welcome speech: “I would also like to thank Laroi, who inspires me to be a better artist every day. I love him so much. I say my job. ”

Lil Nass X’s on-point victory speech

Lil Nass X, who presented the most talked about visual scene of the year with “Montero (call me by your name)”, won the Video of the Year award at the end of the night. For his victory speech, Nass joked with the haters, declaring: “First I want to thank the gay agenda! Thank you, the gay agenda.” .

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