September 18, 2021


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Music Magazine Reimagined as a Hit Parader Film / TV Production Studio

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The music magazine Hit Parader, published from 1942 to 2006, has been re-imagined as a branded production studio for TV, film, live events and more, led by music biz and media veteran Ash Avildens (pictured left), Josh Bernstein. ) And Matt Pinfield (center). The first offers under the hit Parader Monica will include late-2020s – Kovid-19 is allowed – and will include the original scripted series “Paradise City” and the music competition TV shows “No Cover” and “Roady Rage”. The platforms for the three programs will be announced soon. A biopic of influential A&R executive Tom Jutaut, portrayed in SNL’s Pete Davidson Motley Purchase 2019 Netflix film “The Dirt”.

Other high-end efforts include the return of live events – the Golden Gods, the Mayhem Festival and The Rock n ‘Roll Roast, says Bernstein, president of the company, who “instantly bonded” with current partner Avilden about a dozen years ago. On top of our lucky love of rock and roll music and pro-wrestling. With Hit Parader, we’ve finally found a way to form the ultimate tag-team and marry our destiny by creating a rock ‘n’ roll studio focusing on real content and immersive experiences. ”

The company’s CEO Abilden, who is the founder / CEO of the unique metal and rock record label Sumerian, has a start-up fund for the hit paradigm, which will be run under a label-inspired business plan. “We will create, produce and / or acquire the original IP. We will then do our best to make that material available to the public and to monetize it as much as possible. ”

“Paradise City”, described by Evidence, is a mixture of “Euphoria’s young angst, the entertaining truth of the ‘entertainer’ and ‘Sabrina’s supernatural fun'” star Dreya de Matteo, the late Cameron Boyce and Bella Stars Thorne. The first season of the eight 40-minute episode is complete, aiming for a total of five seasons.

While the music-based TV series, including “Vinyl” and “Roadies,” sparked excitement, then to the frustration of many viewers, Abilden said, “I don’t think ‘Binil’ and ‘Roadies’ are confused by a lack of interest. For a scripted series of rock and roll.” Lots of worldwide viewers are starving, proving to break 14 million views of our first ‘Paradise City’ teaser on YouTube alone. We’re more inclined to our casting and subject matter than these shows. “” Evilden is Miramax Indie Film “by American Devil. / Director, which is currently on showtime, as well as “Paradise City”, which is the spin-off of the American devil.

VP Pinfield, the artist’s hit hit Paradise, introduces himself in “Paradise City” and is one of the hosts of “No Cover”. [‘No Cover’] Its platform and springboard for new and young core talents to perform their own material [the show will feature only original music, hence the show’s title]. We want to help these young artists get a foothold in the industry. ”Following the“ American Idol ”model, winners will manage and score record deals. Four of the five judges have been confirmed for “no cover”; The judge casting for “Roddy Rose” which will begin this week is “part of telling the truth through animation and part obstacle madness”.

While Hit Parader Principals have strong bonafides in rock and metal, “Adelden says,” all sorts of styles and styles are welcome and will be given a platform. “While there may be some musical elements synonymous with ‘Rock and Roll’, I still firmly believe that, above all, it’s an attitude, not a word. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has done a great job of reflecting this, so The Band and Tupac.” Both are there. Bob Dylan and the NWA, Marvin Gay and The Beasty Boys, David Bowie and the public enemy. I love it. “

Despite the history of publishing stored hit paradigms, there are minimal plans for elements of any kind of magazine. “I think the legacy and history of the hit paradigm brings a modern day value that will take many years to recreate,” says Avilden.

Launching hit paradigm content during the epidemic was challenging, however, Avilden notes, noting that it “highlights the incredible need to diversify our music scene beyond traditional themed models of entertainment, such as travel and albums.”

Pinfield compared the initiative to one of the successes of his previous career. “I wasn’t encouraged by something special like Hit Parader …[it] It reminds me of my early days on MTV, ”he said. Pinfield’s goal in his new role is to “make the hit paradigm the destination for everything and rock” n “roll lifestyle make rock music is still the most loyal listener in the world and has brought them down a lot.”

Bernstein, whose credits include the Golden Gods Award, the AP Music Awards and the XXL Freshman, are most keen to bring back the Golden Gods and Rock n ’Roll Roast, most recently held in 2014. The Golden Gods show plans to return in 2021 – the live-venue depends on the evolution of social distance rules. The awards will provide transparency in the nomination and voting process as soon as they are made public the day after the show. The first annual Golden Gods Awards were held at the Nokia Club in Los Angeles in 2009, and in ’09 and subsequent years, Rock and Metal artists, including Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Guns N ‘Roses, and performances, were portrayed by Creme de la Crim and Korn. With the diligent efforts of the Golden Gods and other fans, Bernstein hopes that “such national shows, film projects, concerts and award shows can be a bright, shining light at the end of the tunnel for rock fans in such a dark time.”

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