September 18, 2021


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National Gallery Scoops VR Series ‘(Hi) A Painting Story’

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Following the launch of their first volley at SXSW this spring, the UK-based team Fat Red Bird is set to expand its “(High) Story Painting” franchise, partnering with the National Gallery in London for the next installment in four episodes of the series.

Co-produced by Galle Moore (who runs Fat Red Bird) and Quentin Daras, and produced by Charlotte Mickelberg (who also runs the UK-based production), each 12-minute episode focuses on iconic painters and artisans, one of their flagships. Assumes a visual approach that replicates the style of imagery while exploring life. Creative XR (Digital Catapult and Arts Council England) funded the first two installments.

The first of the episodes, with a pointystilist style centered on “A Grand Sunday Jat Island” by Giants Siurat; This will be followed by Artemisia Gentilesi’s “portrait of St. Catherine of Alexandria” Different Learned.

“Artemisia Gentelsi is probably just below the super-iconic status of Van Gogh and Seurat, she was probably a woman of a certain era,” said Charlotte Mickelberg, the series’ producer. “The National Gallery has tried to elevate him to that status and we are still with it.”

“We want to do the next series, perhaps with different galleries focusing on different forms,” ​​Mickelberg added.

“The series is based on famous painters and painters, but the focus may later be on female artists or artists who are not iconic but the situation may be different,” Moore said. “We can also look at architecture, which can make a lot of sense through VR.”

The choice of filmmakers for voice over recruitment from modern recording artists will remain constant. “It’s important to us that these stories are not told by ordinary art historians, but rather that artists add their own touch by engaging in contemporary practice,” Moore said.

The immersive VR film co-produced “Mechanical Souls,” with Murray co-producing Jasmine Kent-Rodgman co-producing the multifaceted project “Red.” Mickelberg, who has run the award-winning VR projects “Born in Exile” and “The Journey”, brought his picture to the “Lazarus Project” in the XR Financing Market in Newimys through the costumes of this production.

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