March 25, 2023


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National’s Aaron Desner’s response to the false right wing’s allegations – various

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Rock Group National’s Aaron Desner went on social media on Sunday to announce that he was in a rural countryside – and presented photographic signs – in a right-wing statement “making bizarre allegations after he was seen paying some money to an antifa organizer caught on camera.” The kids have to riot. “

The first tweet, which meant Desner was seen on camera, seemed to be a source of humor. Regardless, it was taken as real and spread by users who received threatening voices against falsely identified musicians. “Post his address … (and) let Jesus take the wheel after the information is revealed,” wrote a tweeter with a cue about his username, indicating that he was part of a conspiracy theories to propagate conspiracy theories.

But Desner’s address is a long way from any urban revolt – and he came on the weekend after taking it clear on Instagram.

“I am very lucky and grateful that I have been here for three months now, separated from my wife and small children,” he wrote. The unpleasant and shocking news is that some social media users misrepresented me when they saw someone inciting riots in Columbus, Ohio. I am not the kind of person that some people are advising me to be and I never support any violence. I haven’t been to Ohio since June 2019 either. ”

Desner added that he “fully supported peaceful protests and activism against local racism and racially motivated violence in this country.”

The musician soon received support from fans who LOL-edged in the absurdity of false identification saying they were behind it. One fan wrote, “That boy looks nothing like you with wild hair.” “It would be funny if it weren’t for the sadness,” another tweeted. Claiming evidence that he is not conducting protests on the other side. The country. On Sunday night, one of the first people, if not the first, to give him a fake identity in a post – a user with more than 10,000 followers – has not yet deleted the alleged tweet.

“Like many,” Desner wrote, “we look forward to peaceful solutions and real progress in solving these unsettling problems of our society. “Based on how easily he became a target of the Internet mob, eager to confirm the truth, the response could be: good luck to him.

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