October 28, 2021


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NBC has launched the ‘General Joe’ quiz promo with Pinterest

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NBC is showing love for the new drama “Ordinary Joe” by launching a unique partnership with Pinterest.

The network is partnering with Pinterest to allow users to explore their “what if” journey, which coincides with the September 20 premiere of “General Joe.” For the first time, the deal combines an extraordinary experience with image-sharing social network creator Idea Pin. NBC is buying a paid media outlet with Pinterest for promotion.

“Ordinary Joe,” starring James Olk, explores three parallel lives of his character when he makes an important choice at a turning point in his life – and how different life can be if you make your decisions based on love, loyalty or passion.

In that vein, NBC’s personalized quiz experience with Pinterest will raise multiple questions about your passion, creating an inspirational Pinterest board with a creator idea pin. The quiz is available at this link, hosted on the interactive digital experience platform Jebbit. NBC will broadcast the quiz on digital and social channels, but does not plan any on-air broadcasts. The quiz will be live until October 18.

Apparently, NBC is running a tune-in campaign on “Common Joe” – as well as helping to inspire people to do their “key-off” by burning the NBC brand.

“Ordinary Joe is the choice we make and how life can be changed in an instant,” said Kjerstein BT, EVP of Entertainment Media Strategy and Planning at NBC Universal Television and Streaming. “With this in mind, we’ve found the perfect partner on Pinterest, a destination where people can plan their next adventure and discover their true passion.”

Pinterest has tapped into different categories of creators to create content for campaigns. These include fashion and lifestyle influencer Coco Bassi (beauty); Celebrity Flight Attendant and Influential The Tenil Life, aka Tenil Murphy (Travel); Fitness Builder Over Fifty & Fit, aka Dan Findley (Fitness); Fashion designer and chef Peter Som (food); And entrepreneur, body recognition advocate and influential Katie Sturino (fashion).

Based on the scale of the social network, the network merged with Pinterest: as of the end of June 2021, it had 91 million monthly active users in the United States alone. In addition, according to Pinterest, 95% of its users return to the platform to search for inspirational ideas of life. In May, Pinterest also unveiled a campaign, “You might surprise yourself,” emphasizing the idea of ​​self-discovery.

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